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(October-November 2003)

'Political Superstar': "Watch for [Barney] on the campaign trail in 2004. As a political asset, he has no negatives. Even his most noteworthy trait -- his mischievousness -- is widely considered his most endearing...

"'He is a natural on stage,' says Marni Tamayo, a spokesperson for the Smithsonian Associates. The group invited Barney to headline a June program on the dogs of Scotland, called 'True Scottish Wags.' He walked on to appreciative 'ahhhhs' as a representative from Laura Bush's office stepped to a microphone to say, 'He is happy to come and join you tonight.' Barney ignited a burst of applause when -- as if on cue -- he turned his head toward a photographer and stopped sniffing the stage long enough for a quick photo op...

"The last black Scottish terrier to have this kind of notoriety was Franklin D. Roosevelt's sidekick and friend, Fala -- who is memorialized with FDR on the Mall, his bronze nose and ears rubbed shiny by visitors.

"Barney may not have a statue -- yet -- but he's already earned a place in White House history."-- Delia M. Rios, Newhouse News Service, 11/26/03.

He Takes the Cake: "The first lady celebrated her 57th birthday at the White House yesterday (after a weekend celebration at the family's Texas ranch). Her staffers threw her a party in the East Wing -- with a cake in the shape of her beloved dog Barney. Later, she had dinner with the president and a handful of family and friends."--Washington Post, 11/5/03.

Trick or Treat: Barney makes a special Halloween appearance in the Scottie comic strip Raising Duncan by Chris Browne. --BB, 10/31/03.

BarneyCam and Other Rumors: Some interesting tidbits about Barney, from a recent "Ask the White House" online chat with Jimmy Orr, White House internet news director:

Will BarneyCam, the popular Scottie-eye view of the White House, run again this Christmas season?

"Barney Cam was such a great experience. And it is still available, click here. We are talking about a sequel. Of course, Barney is a superstar so contract talks might take a long time. Stay tuned..."

White House tour surprises:

"The cool thing about going on a tour is you never know who you might run in to. My guests have been most delighted when they see Barney running around."

One questioner asked:

"I heard a rumor that Barney, the First Lady's little Scottish terrier, perished in an "unfortunate accident." (actually , I heard he was accidentally dropped by President Bush) However, his portion of the website does not have any information on this. What is the scoop on this? If poor Barney really did meet his demise, I think that his fans have a right to know what happened. Thank you."

Jimmy Orr:
"Not at all, Andrea. Barney is alive and doing very well. As a matter of fact, make sure to tune in very soon when we have an online discussion about Barney and Spot." --BB, 10/30/03.

Presidential Poetry: President Bush wrote the following poem to First Lady Laura Bush, which he presented it to her upon her return from a five-day trip to Europe. It reveals some in-biting involving the First Scott:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Oh my, lump in the bed
How I've missed you.
Roses are redder
Bluer am I
Seeing you kissed by that charming French guy.
The dogs and the cat, they missed you too
Barney's still mad you dropped him, he ate your shoe
The distance, my dear, has been such a barrier
Next time you want an adventure, just land on a carrier.

-- AP/CNN.com, 10/4/03.

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