Why Bushy Barney?

We'll let you guess how we came up with the site's name, but the idea came in early 2001, shortly after Barney came to the White House with the Bushes. While the White House Web site mentioned the puppy on its presidential pets page, there was no site dedicated solely to Barney's comings and goings.

A Scottish terrier fan saw the opportunity to fill the gap. So on February 8, 2001, Bushy Barney: Home of Barney Bush, the White House Scottish Terrier, was born.

As word got out among the Scottish terrier community, fan mail from around the world began flying in (though it's certain much more ends up going to Barney via the White House mailroom). Much of it, including photos, came from Scotties themselves, relayed via their owners' email accounts. Many want to come to Washington to meet Barney, while others have invited him to play at their homes. Most are tickled to have one of their own in the White House again.

BB will continue chronicling Barney's exploits as long he continues to prowl the halls and gardens of the White House.

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