Tears open his email

Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001
From: cheryl flewharty
Subject: Howdy Barney! 
To: bushybarney@yahoo.com 
Organization: 3 DOG HOWL     
Hey thar Barney, 
Glad ta hear you're gonna be available to lend a helping paw to the big man! 
And if ya have any trouble with some of tha House Rules, like chewin on tha 
furniture or sneaking into the Oval Office, just tell 'em that Spot made ya 
do it!  Heh, heh.  Hey, tell GW the next time ya'll stop in Dallas that you 
NEED to come visit Tha Howlers.  We'll go to Chuy's Tex-Mex and sit in the 
Elvis Room and toast Margaritas!  AROOOOO!  BTW-we're gonna volunteer for 
the Secret Service and maybe get ta be your bodyguards when ya travel! 
We're keeping our paws crossed for ya and know you'll keep everyone on their 

Tha TEXAS Howlers: Ginger, Tas, Zack & Pogo 
writing this without help from their mom, -- Cheryl Flewharty 

The Texas Howlers
Aroooooo Texas Howlers, Thanks for dropping by Barney's Web site and taking the time to write such a nice note. About the Secret Service detail, looks like you'll have to get in line behind some other great Scots (see Junebug and Willie's letter below). But we'll be sure to add y'all's names to the list! --BB
From: DCurtis Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 Subject: Hi Barney To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Hi Barney, My name is Seamus and I am a wheaton Scottie four months old. I saw your picture with your new hair cut and you look so grown-up. I am sending you my picture, but don't laugh because my one ear still has a mind of it's own. I hope that both of my ears stand up just like yours...you are soooooo handsome. My Mom and Dad have had six scotties and I am number seven and they were so happy to see a scottie in the White House. Keep up the good work and give your Daddy and Mommy a big lick for me. Seamus Seamus
Aroooooo Seamus, Don't worry about the ear--they have a way of popping up on their own! --Bushy Barney
From: "Pam Ryan-Orchard" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: G'Day from Australia Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 G'Day Barney from Australia, We are all excited down here in Australia to have another Scottie in the White House. My mom is coming to Washington in August and would be thrilled even to catch a glimse of you at home. Enjoy your new home don't be too good, it's not Scottie like and don't forget "selective hearing" is great if you don't want to come when they call you, it makes them give you extra attention. We keep watching for you. Regards Brae, Vinnie, Mortimer and George Aroooooo Brae, Vinnie, Mortimer and George, Barney will be on the lookout for you come August. Maybe you'll "spot" him digging in the Rose Garden! --BB
From: Charlcp Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 Subject: Greetings from Libby, Kenneth, and Corinna To: bushybarney@yahoo.com We're glad to see you in the White House. We are three black scotties aged, 5, 3, and 6. We live on a farm in Georgia about 35 miles from Warm Springs, Ga. and the Little White House (Fala's southern home). We think we are very lucky as we get to go the Little White House every November to celebrate "Fala Day". Mom usually leads the "parade" with her bagpipes and all of us get to follow along and run and play where Fala played a long time ago. Wouldn't you like to "do" Fala Day with us this year? We usually get to go most everywhere mom and dad go, and we have a lot of Scottie friends that we visit and sometimes they visit us. Our other best friends are Penelope, Priscilla and Two Socks. (They're the cats who live with us) We hope you get to stay in the White House for a long time. We'll be watching for you on the news and in the magazines. Oh Yes, there were some good looking pictures of you in the Great Scots magazine that mom and dad just got. If we ever get to meet you, would you autograph your pictures. Hope we can be good friends, Libby, Kenneth, and Corinna Aroooooo Libby, Kenneth, and Corinna, Thanks for dropping by Barney's Web site and taking the time to write such a nice note. (Barney takes compliments modestly but a quick wag-of-the-tail gives him away:) Barney is enjoying life in the White House, but he's still trying to find a way to slip away from the security people so he can have some real fun. Would love to get our paws on that Great Scots magazine to see the pictures. Hope you come back to Bushy Barney to watch as he grows! --Bushy Barney P.S. We just heard from your neighbors Molly, Ceilidh, Duncan, and Bridie Nixon, who also live in Georgia and attend Fala Day. Here's what they wrote: Dear Barney, We just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much we enjoy seeing a Scotty in the White House again. We live in Georgia and attend a Fala Day celebration in November, at the Little White House, in Warm Springs, Georgia. You should mention it to your Mom and Dad and perhaps they can bring you some time. There are lots of Scotties and a piper, and there is even a costume parade. Our Mom said to tell you she has met your first Mom before, as she lived in New Jersey for awhile. Our Westie sister lived there most of her life too, but is adjusting to being a "southern belle". We scan the papers every day for new pictures of you, we want to start a scrap book for you, but Mom has to be faster to get that paper. Your friends in Georgia, Molly, Ceilidh, Duncan, and Bridie (Nixon...no, not that one)
From: "escots, roger & lowella" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: OWNED BY A SCOTTY Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 Having been a Scotty breeder and exhibitor for years. I feel confident to say: Mr. President, Scotties boogie to their own drum. Therefore do not: Think your dog has gone deaf. He'll get back to you later. Look for his favorite toy. If he likes it he'll tear it up. Try to change his schedule. He has his own agenda. Expect him to fetch your slippers. But do expect to wait on him. Become impatient with him. It takes a good year to train a new family. In conclusion: Many trainers will tell you there are five things you should NEVER DO. 1) do not let a dog go through a door first. [it encourages superiority] 2) do not feed them before you eat. [it shows dominance] 3) do not play tug. [it teaches aggression] I broke all these rules twenty years ago and have had very well adjusted Scotties, so it does not matter what the experts write cause Scotties do not read. roger eagan Aroooooo Roger, Thanks for dropping by Bushy Barney's Web site and taking the time to write such a nice note. The advice is well taken! Hope you come back to the site and watch as Barney grows! --Bushy Barney
From: Frank Snyder To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Hello from Iddy-Biddy Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 Hello Barney, My name is A. P. Lady Iddy McBiddy Winslow.....or Iddy-Biddy to you. I am so happy to see you in the White House, the proper place for a breed of distinction,( for those with a distinguishing taste...Bravo First Lady!) I am a six month old Black Scottie, and the life of my home. I am the first Scottie here, and I share residence with my friend Hershey, a Chocolate Lab mix. It seems we have much in common. It is wonderful that you have your own web-site. Our entire family will be watching you. We are a conservative republican family who helped to vote, and PRAY your fine owners into the office. Give them our best and we look forward to learning more about you any how exciting life will be in the White House now that there's a Scottie there! Never forget...short legged dogs RULE! p.s. As soon as you get the potty thing down, insist on sleeping in the First Bedroom! Love, Biddy
From: "Mc Niff, J&J" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Hello Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 Hello Barney, we are two Scottish Terriers that live in your old neighborhood. We are Bonnie, 2 yrs old and Dudley my older brother is 10. Our family was thrilled to see you in the White House, as they all voted for your Dad! Love looking at your web site, especially the Fala pictures, hope to get down there and get our pictures taken at the F.D.R. memorial. Keep adding and we'll keep visiting, Woof, Bonnie and Dudley P.S. Are you allowed to have pigs ears in the White House? Aroooooo Bonnie and Dudley, Thanks for dropping by Barney's Web site and taking the time to write such a nice note from New Jersey... Glad you enjoyed the Fala page. More is coming as research and time allow. Also plan to add other Scotties and other pets in White House history. Yes, the FDR memorial is a wonderful must-visit for all Scotties (four- and two-legged alike). --Bushy Barney P.S. When they buy pigs ears for the White House, is that pork barrel spending? Mmmmmmm
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 From: Julie To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Hi Barney!! Thanks for such a nice website. It's great to see a scottie in the White House!! Tell your mom to talk to Christine Whitman about your fellow scottie lovers in the STCA and out here on the internet on the various e-mail lists. She'd have a lot of fun and so would you. We've got Bonny, a black scottie girl, Nadine, a wee brindle scottie, Valerie, our black dalmatian, and 2 cats. -- Julie H. in Arkansas "My heart is in the Highlands, Duffy@RB, Bonny & Nadine my heart is not here. Clyde@RB & Valerie My heart is in the Highlands, The Scots 'n Spots a-chasin' the deer." Robert Burns "Ní h-éibhneas gan Chlainn Domhnaill ..." "It is no joy without Clan Donald ..." http://users.ipa.net/~djhill
From: MRSFANG2 Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 Subject: Barney's Page To: bushybarney@yahoo.com I've bookmarked your page, it's fun, interesting, and I plan on coming back for regular visits. I especially like the articles about Presidential pets. Foremost is the fact, I am owned by 6 Scottish Terriers, Pippin, Poppy, CeCe, Lilly, Wheatley, & Suz. They are wonderful companions, my cabinet, so to speak. We have done Pet Therepy along with our feather sister, Vosmarie Parrot, Tilly. Every year we go to Alexandria, Va, for the Annual Scottish Walk. It's close to where you live, maybe your Mom & Dad would let you come and march with us. The Scottie Club in Washington, D.C. has lots of nice members that we are sure would be proud to be of service to the Presidential pet. Of course, The Scottish Terrier Club of America, and it's publication, The Bagpiper keep you abreast with health, training, & other pertinent Scottie info. It is a thrill to see a wee scottie in the White House again! Meetcha at the Fala errrrrrr, FDR Memorial, thanks anyway to Fala, cause it is the only furfriendly monument in D.C. Smiles & Love, Arlene & The Brice Bunch Aroooooo Arlene (and Pippin, Poppy, CeCe, Lilly, Wheatley, & Suz), Thanks for dropping by Barney's Web site...Wouldn't it be great if Barney did march in the Scottie Walk? Can't wait to see the White House security escorts fending off the well-wishers in Alexandria.
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 To: bushybarney@yahoo.com From: Ariana Betenbender Subject: Greetings from Iowa! Hello Bushy Barney! We are related...we think... I am Amos...an 11 1/2 hr old male Scottie... . My sister's name is Agatha and she's 8 years old. We live in Iowa and look forward to seeing you often with your parents on the news...all good news of course! Agatha and I play allllllllllll the time...we love it! Hope you get a Scottie sister some time soon! See ya! The A Team
From: "Merkel, Edward J." To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Great Site Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 Thanks - this is a wonderful site. I publish a quarterly newsletter for the ScottyLovers egroup and will make sure all my members have the email address here. Keep posting new pics of Barney...you've no idea how many fans are out here!
From: REDSSCOTTIES Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 14:38:19 EST Subject: WE ARE THE GREMLINS To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Hi Bushy Barney, My name is Winston and I am 6 years old. I am a brindle scottie and I have 7 playmates here. They are Bridget (an 8yr old wheaten), Ginger ( a 5yr old black), Lawyer (a 3yr old wheaten), Stuffy Toy (a 3yr old black), Candy (a 1yr old wheaten), Sonny (a 1 yr old wheaten) and Cher (a 1yr old brindle). Mommy says we are quite a handful and calls us the gremlins because we get into everything. I am the leader of the pack and I especially love killing roaches or lizards and bringing them to mommy or leaving them someplace I know she will find them. We wish we could meet you, you would fit in with our group I bet, you look mischevious! My mommy says you are very cute and she likes when there are new pictures of you on the computer. As if looking at us isn't enough to satisfy her! But she syas all scotties are cute and she is glad you have a great home. We have been hoping to see another scottie in the White House. Maybe someday it will be me! Your friend, Winston and the rest of the crew Aroooooo Winston, Thanks for dropping by Barney's Web site and taking the time to share your mighty big clan's adventures... We admire your political aspirations and hope you make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And try not to get into too much trouble:}
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 From: Linda Wolfe To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Nice to visit with you Barney Hi Barney: My name is Winston and I am a Scottish Terrier who is seven years old. My owners are Jim and Linda Wolfe and I am the first scottie to grace their presence. You sure are a cutie. I have plenty of toys and a big back yard. You can come play with me if you want. I can't wait to see what you will look like when you get big like me. Your Scottie Friend, Winston P.S. Here is a picture of what I look like.
Aroooooo Winston, My, you're a very handsome lad. Thanks for dropping by Barney's Web site and taking the time to write such a nice note. Barney would love to play in your yard--he just has to figure a way to slip away from the security people. --Bushy Barney
From: reneesuki Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: scotties hello Barney....you are a great looking scottie pup, espcially since you look just like my little 9 mo. old scottie rescue pup, Bluezy.......I can imagine all the fun you have with your special family.......best regards from Renee Touriel and Bluezy... and please visit my page when you have time.......thanks ^.^ http://www.geocities.com/reneesrescues/ Arooooo Renee and Bluezy, Loved your site. I even signed the guest book! --Bushy Barney
From: "Marvin & Jackie" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: scotties Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 Hey Barney, Your Indiana relatives want you to check out http://majacbeab0.tripod.com Marvin and Jackie Burton Tell dad we support his tax cut. Aroooooo Marvin and Jackie, Thanks for dropping by Barney's Web site and taking the time to write. --Bushy Barney P.S. Did you mean haircut? :}
From: "KAREN B DONNELLY" To: Bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Aroooo Barney Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 Arooooo Barney, I am Agnes Lucille McGillicuddy from Stafford, Virginia. You are the first Scottie of the Nation and my, my you are a handsome young boyo. Best of luck to you Barney. You can make a difference in the advancement of Scottie rights across the land. Many Arooooooooo's, Love Agie.
From: Feonascot Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 Subject: "Mac"Tavish and "Duffy"MacDuff To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Barney...Welcome to the White House! It's wonderful to have a Scottie in the White House again. Even better that it's a Republican Scottie like us! Our Mom rescued us last year. Duffy, that's me will be three years old on November 16. I was in 2 homes and a foster home before I found my forever home when I was only 10 months old. Mac will be 2 years old June 6 and was rescued at 10 months old too. Seems the people he was with didn't like his big nose. Imagine that, not liking a Scotties nose, why that's our best feature, better to sniff out the vermin don't you know. Mom just rescued a female Westie (West Highland Terrier) last Saturday. She's 10 months old too. She'll be one year old on May 9. Gee what is it with people, I guess some people can only handle Terriers for 9 months and then they give us up. We are just getting a personality by then. So, you'd better behave Barney, cause you haven't made it past your 10 month birthday yet. Can't wait to see more pictures of you. Here's some pictures of us! "Duffy"MacDuff , "Mac"Tavish & Heather (Westie) and our Mom, The Honorable Lorraine Tracey
Aroooooo Duffy, Mac and Heather, Thanks for dropping by Barney's Web site and taking the time to write such a nice note... You are a beautiful lot and so lucky to have a nice big dog to watch over you. Yes, he promises to behave:) --Bushy Barney
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 From: Debbie Barfield To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Hi Barney Deer Barney - We gotz to tell u dat r mam did not vote for yur daddy but she sez if he treetz u good dat she wont say bad things no more. ower mam sez she got 2 bee nice to scottie peoples. We thinks u iz reel cute Barney and hopes 2 meet you sumday if dat iz okay ? Yer frenz in S.C. Ben Riley, MacDuff, McKenzie & Meaghan the rowdy bunch of Scotties. P.S. cud we haffs your awtograff???? Arooooo rowdy Scots, Hope to meet you too (or is that four?) someday (no political party switch is necessary. Barney snouts Democrats and Republicans with equal vigor--until he gets the attention he deserves! And to your last question, no autographs, please. Will let you know if we come across it though:} --Bushy Barney
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 From: The Bryants To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Scotties Hi! We are scottie fans! Check out my moms web site for scotties and her scotties. http://www.SpringbokScottishTerriers.com We are very much into improving the breed and seeing each dog go to the best home possible. I also have a Scottish Terrier who is a finished champion named Shiloh. You can see him on the above web site. Maybe........ when you come to College Station, Texas to visit the George Bush Library you could stop by for a visit and a play in the yard. We are all right here in C.S. Texas. I am a teacher and have been to the Barbara Bush Parent Center and appreciate what has been done with that for the parents in our community. I enjoyed seeing your picture on the web site, hope your tail goes up soon in a photo! If you are ever in Texas and need to be groomed, I am sure my mom would be THRILLED to groom the presidential dog. Look us up and I would LOVE to hear back from you! Thanks, Melanie Winslow Bryant
Date: Mon, 20 March 2001 From: Joy Brown To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Aroooooooo to you!! Hello Barney, I am Mac, a 5 yr old scottish terrier,and My friends are, Mattie a 2 yr.old Scottiesh terrier, and Honor who is also a Scottish Terrier. who is only 4 mos. old ..we all own Joy Brown.. We just wanted to say that we are glad that you have Your own web site, we have ours too. If you ever get the time please visit us at http://sites.netscape.net/macmattie/homepage ..Hope you like it as well as we like yours.. Isn't our owners who we own, a great brunch of people. Nothing like good folks who know , great taste, like us Scotties . Have a great day . the scotties Clan of Joy Brown. Mac, Mattie , and Honor.
From: "Dick and Vickie Brown" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Hi Bushy Barney Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 Hi Bushy Barney, I'm Bailey Brown and live in Tulsa OK. I'm a 7 months old black scottie. My dad voted for your dad and so did my mom even though she is a democrat! My dad has been proudly part of the right wing conspiracy for a long time and was so pleased that your dad won. My mum is really glad to see a scottie in the White House! You are so lucky to be able to ride in Air Force One, I just get to ride in my mom's Accura, but it's pretty fun too. Our family is so happy to see a proud scot in the White House. By the way have you seen a red sports or heard loud Arrrrroooowwww's around the White House. Just wondering, mum says for you to stay away for them! Sincerely, Bailey Brown Hi Bailey, Thanks for stopping by my Web site and writing such a nice note. I'm not political: I snout Democrats and Republicans alike--until I get the attention I deserve. It's great to sniff the same halls and trees that Fala did all those decades ago! --Bushy Barney http://bushybarney.tripod.com P.S. I'll keep my ears open for those arrrrroooowwww's.
To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 From: Jane Lyons Subject: Cyberscots Hi! There are a group of us (600 or so, worldwide) who belong to a group which was formed to promote, share and admire our Scottish Terriers. If you haven't, check us out. Thanks for the Web site Jane Lyons & Natalie
From: "Mary-Lou Keating" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Hello Barney Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 Hello Barney You certainly live in a huge house. It is nice to know that you are in such a very important job. I live in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia with my sister Molly (the one on the right) and my dad J.J (the wheaten). Looking forward to seeing you more and with your hair cut. Beau Keating
Hi Beau, Thanks for writing from so far away. I enjoyed your picture very much. You're an attractive lot! Yes, the White House is big, but I make sure to do my part keeping it clean, drooly-bearding the floors helps keep them nice and shiny! Please be sure to follow my progress as I grow. --Bushy Barney
From: "Terry O'Brian" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Howdy-woof woof from Miss Molly Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 Hi Good looking, Next time youre in Texas drop by Waxahachie and we can beg for a treat from Texas Mama. Woof woof, Miss Molly McGee Good golly Miss Molly, (Bet you never heard that one before!) Will do. And thanks for stopping by my Web site and writing a sweet note. How about next time you're in Washington DC, we meet at the FDR Memorial? You know the spot--by Fala, of course! --Bushy Barney
From: Darby Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 Subject: Hi To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Dear Barney, My name is Darby and I am a little older than you. I will be 10 months in a few days. I live with a cat named Molly in New Jersey where you were born. If you come here we could play. My Mom is a Democrat and initially thought a Republican should not have a Scottie because of Fala - Pres. Roosevelt's dog. She is still not too thrilled with your Dad but likes your Mom. If they are not good to you, come here. Darby Beautiful Black Female Scottie Hi Darby, Thanks for visiting my Web site and taking the time to write a note. I'd love to play. Maybe we could meet at the FDR Memorial next time you're in Washington. You know the spot--by Fala, of course! Don't worry about politics. I don't--I snout Democrats and Republicans alike, until I get the attention I deserve. --Bushy Barney
From: "Jeannine Mills" To: "Barney Bush" Subject: Re: Bushy Barney Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 Greetings Bushy Barney, Thank you so much for the information on why your site was out of order. Everyone was wondering what happened to your site. So glad that you could join us way ward Scottie Lovers on the Nothing But Scotties Group at: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/nothingbutscotties I am most certain that everyone would love for you to join the group and participate with the other Scotties adventures. Feel free to jump in any time. And Welcome to our World of Scotties, Barney Bush. We are honored to have you with us. I will forward your post to the group so they may also know that you are back on duty and the White House is safe. :) Sincerely Jeannine Pittypaws Special Blend Scotties Coulee City, WA.
From: "Ruth M. Wynne" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Love, BrEwStEr Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 Hi Barney, My name is Brewster and I'm a 15 month old wheaten colored scottish terrier. I live in Bryn Mawr, Pa. with my parents, 2 scottie brothers, Angus & Seamus, and 2 scottie sisters, Megan and Molly. I look forward to watching as you help President and Mrs. Bush lead our Country. LuV, BrEwStEr
Hi Brewster, You're a handsome lad. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note (as opposed to some other souvenir). You must enjoy being in such a big clan--there's always someone to play with! --Bushy Barney
From: PALOMASCOT Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 Subject: Barney To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Dear Barney, What a wonderful website! Our clan of scots - Molly, Tess, Roxanne, Kayla, Gareth and Scarlet salute you. Ah... and Ms. Scarlet says to be sure and let you know that she is a cousin of yours and a wee pup herself (5 months old)! Cheers, Linda & Adrian and all PalomaScots
From: "Tunia Hyland" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Lincoln Bedroom Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 Dear Barney, If anybody should be able to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom it's YOU! And it should be free of charge as well! You'll just need some help getting on and off! Best wishes to you as First Dog and say 'hi' to Spot! Love, Scotties Junebug and Willie ^ ^ ^ ^
Thanks for dropping a note, Junebug and Willie! I think I can hop up there--just need a good rrrrrunning start. Bushy Barney P.S. Love the Scottie ears... From: "Tunia Hyland" To: "Barney Bush" Subject: special assignments Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 Dear Barney, Junebug and Willie are 'bulking up' ( not a difficult thing for them to do!) in hopes that they may be selected as your Special Secret Service Agents At All Times. They are alert, have perfect eyesight, and have lightning quick reflexes (from years of serious study of squirrels). They ALWAYS act first and ask questions last. As part of your SSSAAAT team they will promise eternal loyalty and devotion. Willie's special request would be to stand on the running board of the First Dog's motorcade vehicle and Junebug would like to be assigned to be head of food testing just in case a foreign invader attempts to 'do in' our First Dog by luring him with contaminated 'treats'. We hope this resume meets with your approval. We await your reply. Sincerely, Maple Farm's Junebug O'Beaverkill CD, CGC (code name 'Buggie') Destiny's Sweet William CGC (code name Willie) Dear Junebug and William, In receipt of your applications. Awaiting SBI (Scottie Bureau of Investigation) background checks. Will let you know. --BB From: "Tunia Hyland" To: "Barney Bush" Subject: SSSAAATTEAM Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 "Willie's special request would be to stand on the running board of the First Dog's motorcade vehicle" Willie and I think that an appropriate vehicle might be a black VW 'Bug' equipped with running boards and an open top for his 'Barneyness' to air himself. Willie would like to wear a leather flying 'helmut' a la Snoopy's WWII outfit as part of his SSSAAATTEAM uniform. Could the cost for it come out of the defense budget? We'll be waiting for a reply. Yours Truly, Buggie and Willie Dear Buggie and Willie, Persistent, aren't you? (Where does that trait come from? Mmmmmm?) Still drafting defense budget: if we just cut the cost of that toilet seat to $200 from $1,000, might just be able to pull it off. We'll see... --BB
From: "Jeannine Mills" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Bushy Barney Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 Greetings to the first family, Love your web site, especially the past history of Fala. Would love to see more adventures of you Barney. May you have a long and happy life. Sincerely Pittypaws Special Blend Scotties Jeannine McKinney www.geocities.com/pittypaws1/index.html Thanks for the kind words, Jeannine. I love your site, too, and even signed the guestbook. I'll update the site as soon as developments warrant. Bushy Barney
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 To: Barney Bush From: Dot Subject: Re: New White House Scottie site I finally today for the first time got through to see wee Barney! What a cutie pie he is. We are working on up-dating our site & most definitely will include this link. You know there are over 950 scottie lovers on this one e-mail list I belong to & they all love Barney & we watchout for him all the time in the news & on television. Did Barney know there is going to be a special Scottie get together next month in Worthington Ohio where Scotties are the first dogs in the 2nd Annual Pooch Parade? We are expecting over 2000 dogs! I think Bob Haas sent an invitation to Wee Barney, but if he hasn't gotten one yet let me know & I can send the website describing all the fun we will have. I am takin Fiona & SKye all dressed up in their finery! your admirerer! dot, fifi & skye -- Dot & Chris & Skye Blue & Fiona Rose Be Obsessed - Visit the Scottie Obsession Page @ http://www.iwaynet.net/~falapink
To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 From: Jane Lyons Subject: Life Dear Barney, My name is Natalie. I am a Scottish Terrier. I am 15 months old. I am very smart. I am not a Republican. Enjoy your time in the White House. Natalie Lyons Hi Natalie, Thanks for looking in on Bushy Barney. (I'm not a Republican either, just a Scottie lover who was tickled to see a wee-bushy one in the White House!) Bushy Barney
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 From: Roxanne Huckstep To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Webpage Love the webpage! Thanks so much for giving us a place to keep up with Barney. Roxanne owned by Katie & PittyPat & McKenzie Hi Roxanne, Thanks for stopping by for a visit and taking the time to drop a note! Glad you liked the site. Bushy Barney
From: "Carol, Katie, and Riley" To: Subject: Link request ! Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 LOVE to see that Barney finally has his own web site !! We of the scottie obsessed are thrilled to keep track of our "First Scottie" !! Would you mind if I put a link to Barney's site on my scottie's site??? Thanks for sharing Barney with the world ! Carol, Katie, and Riley Visit Katie and Riley at http://geocities.com/cjjscottie/ Hi you three, Thanks for the kind words! Please feel free to link and we'll do the same. Bushy Barney
From: "Betty Kelley" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: First Dogs Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 I'd like to see more of Barney, as the owner of two westies I couldn't be happier to see that Spot Fetcher has this wonderful new family member to keep her company. Barney is simply adorable, put him/her on TV more...my veterinarian voted for GW because of his great dogs. We laughed that we don't even know if Algore has dogs, we just assumed no dog would go near such a liberal guy who thinks Clinton was a great president. I love the website and am delighted to see the new pictures. Keep 'em coming. I used to think there could be nothing better than to have Republicans in the White House, now I know what's better...Republicans with a Scotty.... Barney makes me smile...thanks, Betty Kelley in St. Louis, MO Thanks, Betty, for stopping by to visit Barney's Web site--and being the first to write a note. I hope you pass the word on to your friends, too!
From: "Betty Kelley" To: "Barney Bush" Subject: Re: First Dogs Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 Oh how nice to get a note from Barney's website. I have the picture of Barney's first haircut as my computer wallpaper and I've got pictures of Barney, my two westies, GW & Laura, and Ronald Reagan as my screensaver.....I'm a republican dog lover who loves to play with her new computer. I've got scotties and westies and republicans everywhere.... I have an idea....better than lighter clothing for the Bush family they should get a westie to go along with Barney...is that too cute or what? Thanks so much for writing, I will keep watching for more pictures of Barney and Spot....Thanks, Betty Kelley in St. Louis P.S. I assume you are a conservative...maybe not....but I have to tell you I've never been a fan of Christie Todd Whitman...until I found out she raised Scotties.....now I'd probably vote for her.

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