Tears open his email

Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 
From: Jorge Manansala  
Subject: G'day from Martin, Madeleine and Mervyn 
To: bushybarney@yahoo.com 

Martin, Madeleine and Mervyn  

Hi Barney,

Hello from Down Under! Congratulations to such a cool

Hope you like the pic taken at home with my owner's
other pets. That's Martin on the left, gracious Miss
Madz in the middle and the cool dude on the right,
that's me - Mervyn. I reckon we look very alike
although I'm only half your age - don't you think?

More power to you, buddy!


Mervyn Manansala-Reid
Leichhardt, NSW

G'day Mervyn,

You are indeed a very cool dude (and Martin and
Madeleine aren't too shabby either). What a great
picture! Quite a Greek or Roman motif you've got going
there. Is that a pool in the background? Hope you wear
your life jackets when you go for a dip:} 


Subject: Bonnie update. To: bushybarney@yahoo.com From: michael.beck Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 Bonnie held up high Greetings again Barney, from Landisville,Pa. Bonnie Joy here again! I thought that we would have seen you on your Dad's helicopter here last week when he came up here to speak at a power plant just 15 minutes from our house. My dad said I couldn't go because of all the Secret Service agents. We went to a local Memorial Day fair the other day and there were two other Scotties there. I did show them my teeth at first, but we all got along later. Guess what my mom and dad bought me at the fair? Give up? My very own swimming pool and boy is it cool! I like water alot so we had to fill it up as soon as we got home. It even has a sliding board. I played in the pool for about a hour and then jump out, ran around the yard and then jumped back in the pool. I did attached a new picture of me and my mom. This is in our backyard with that big yellow bush. Rabbits and other critters hide under it sometimes and its my job to so them the way out. That's all for now. Scotties rule!! Bonnie Great pictures Bonnie! --BB P.S. Hope that pool's not too deep. Otherwise, you'll need a Scottie life vest:}
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 To: bushybarney@yahoo.com From: Mary Gallagher Subject: Hi Barney Hi Barney, My name is Macallan (after the scotch) Doris (after my owner's grandmother) but everyone calls me Callie D for short. I must say I was extremely pleased to hear that there would be another Scottie in the White House. You seem like a nice enough fellow (very handsome I might add) however I feel that you may need some guidance on proper Scottie behavior... Remember Scotties rule the household! Even though your Mom and Dad pay the mortgage there should never be any question as to who actually is in charge. I try to accomplish this in many different ways. Some of my more recent examples are: After your folks spend a fortune on plants and an entire day in the hot sun planting a nice garden be sure to claim this spot as your own for romping and resting. No matter that you never went near that side of the yard in the past---it is a Scotties right to change her mind. When one of the visiting children leaves the gate open on the fence be sure to scoot through as fast as your little legs will carry you. When your folks (and all the neighbors) are calling you to come be sure to look directly at them and promptly run in the opposite direction. Don't stop running even if they promise you cookies, or a ride in the car or a trip to the beach. Run as fast as you can for as long as you can and make sure they know you will come only when you are good and ready. Be sure to test out your teeth on the upholstery...those flaps on the bottom of the sofa are my personal favorite. Grab one with your teeth and pull as hard as you can. The ripping sound this makes will be music to your ears. Ignore the large basket of chew toys that was purchased for you---there will be plenty of time to play with those later... Finally when you sense that your mom is getting really angry jump right in her lap and give lots of Scottie kisses. Wag your tail and look as cute as possible. Trust me it works every time. Well good luck to you Barney... Make us proud...Your friend and mentor Callie D. PS Say hi to your Mom and Dad for me. My mom says they are lucky to have such a well behaved young Scottie!! She says I could take lessons in proper Scottie behavior from you (A cruel twist of fate) but mom says she wouldn't trade me for anything... Mary K. Gallagher ArroooooOOOOOOO Macallan, Those tips sound familiar--especially "make sure they know you will come only when you are goodand ready"--but will come in handy! --BB
From: dordep To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Shih-Tzu to Scottie Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 Dear Barney, My name is Sushi and I'm a young lady of 11 years old. My mommy, Dorrie, has been a breeder of shih-tzus for l0 years, but now only has me and the big , black cat, Inky left and Inky didn't have any litters of shih-tzu puppies like I did. I gave my Mommy and Daddy, Dick, 3 beautiful litters of puppies in my younger days. The first one was 4 pups, the second was 6 pups, and the 3rd litter was again 6 pups. I'd say that is pretty good for a little dog like me. This stationery that my Mom decided to write to you on is not actually a picture of me, but is the spittin' image of me. I am the same color and same markings and when Mom or Dad gives me heck for something I shouldn't be doing, I tilt my head to the side too, like the doggie here, just to let them know how cute I am and it gets me right out of trouble, everytime. I have never seen your picture, Barney, but I know what a Scottie looks like so I imagine that you are very handsome. For right now, I'm not dating nor do I have a boyfriend. But if you send a picture of yourself to me, I might consider accepting a date with you, if you ask nicely, as a boy should. Even if you can't send a picture, I still might consider a date with you. I'm sure we can find twin bowls to go out to eat together and I hope you like seafood, as i live in Massachusetts, right on the seacoast and just loveeeeeee fish. We take walks down to the water and Mom and Dad always find a quohaug for me. Most people can't even spell it, nevermind eat it. But when Mom makes quohaug chowder with it, hhmmmm good...and she gives me some more if I beg enough. Well, Barney, It's almost my bedtime and I hope you have enjoyed reading my letter. I hope I get a letter back from you cuz I know my Mom and Dad are great fans of your Mom and Dad and would really treasure saving a letter from you. Hope they continue to take good care of you and just know if you were here, I lick your face and give you a big kiss. Love ya, Sushi Depin ((((((((((((((((((cyberhugz for Barney and the Family))))))))))))))))) Hi Sushi, Thanks so much for visiting Bushy Barney and writing such a nice note from Massachusetts. That tilted-head thing has a lot going for it: it's smart dogs' way of saying, "You silly human, why are you doing that for?" Now, I hope not to burst your bubble, but Bushy Barney is not part of the the official White House, just a fan site dedicated to the wee bushy one. So, to reach those folks, jump over to: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ I'm sure they'd love to hear from you--and maybe send you a picture. Otherwise, check back for online pix at Bushy Barney! --BB P.S. Knowing Barney, I'm sure he'd love to come by for a date, or at least sniff around:}
From: Andrew Friedrich To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Hail To The Pooch! Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 Nigel in his Christmas sweater Hey Barney, My name is Nigel Edward Crane, and I live in Little Rock, Arkansas! I am a registered Republican and voted for your dad in the last election. I like going for walks, playing with my "Kong" and watching Animal Planet. This is a picture of me in my Christmas sweater at a GOP fundraiser last winter. If you ever visit Little Rock, look me up.
From: Janis Sanders To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Pearl Harbor Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 Dear Barney: Hello from Spring, Texas, I am a 13 year old black Scottie named Pepper. I am so glad that there is finally another Scottie in the Whitehouse, and your "dad" being a fellow Texan makes it very special. My mom and dad just went to see the movie Pearl Harbor and were pleased to see first Whitehouse Scottie, Fala, sitting on President Rooselvelt's lap. I know that you Whitehouse Scotties are a big help to the president in their time of decision making. Good Luck! Sanders Spicy "Pepper" ArrooooOOOOO Pepper, Thanks for the nice note from Texas--and the report on Fala. BB will be sure to go see the movie, though at 3 hours, several scenes are sure to be missed during "walks"! --BB P.S. by the way, did you hear about the latest Washington bumper sticker: "Don't Mess With Vermont"?
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 From: linmike To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: I am GEORGE! George Scottie Bush Hello Barney! My name is George Scottie Bush. I am a 7 month old Scottie. My owners voted for YOUR owner recently. They got me in January 2001, so they named me "George Bush". My middle name is Scottie on my papers. My favorite things to do are pick and eat the irises from the flower beds, unravel the burber carpet in the living room, and tear the stuffing out of chairs and couches. Luckily for me, my owners love me. I also like to play with my two stepbrothers...Rambo and Smokey. My owners are Mike and Linda Todd. They did not hear YOUR owners had a scottie until a few weeks after they got ME. What a surprise to hear George Bush has a scottie and they had a Scottie named George Bush! (And they had a Schnauzer named Barney not long ago.) My birthday is October 19, 2000. I now weigh 20 lbs. You are a beautiful dog, Barney! Maybe I'll send you another picture of me when I can. Your friend, George AKA...George Scottie Bush ArroooooooooOOOOO George, What a nice coincidence about your name! You're a real cutie, but looks can be deceiving, judging from your favorite activities:} (At least you're keeping the local furniture economy going.) --BB P.S. Say hi to Rambo and Smokey
From: horizonsigns To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: scottie Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 Hi, Barney from Canada My mom was on the net and just found out about you being a member of the Bush White House family. Hi my name is Bonnie. I am a 1 1/2 yr. old black Scottie and my "brother" Bobbie the Westie & live in Ontario, Canada. I know about Fala and now "you" that's great to see more scotties in high places. My mom Ann is always looking up Scottie/Westie sites on the Net. It was nice reading some of you E mail. Make us Scotties proud! & stay out of trouble. I know Trouble is my middle name. Hello Bonnie, Nice that you found Bushy Barney and could take time out of your busy schedule with Bobbie to write such a nice note from way up in Ontario. It's always nice to hear from other Scotties (and Westies) from around the world. After all, all proud bearded ones must stick together! --BB
From: giftshop To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Scotties are kings Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 Dear Barney, I am so glad to see a Scottie in the White house. I know that you will be a good dog and show everyone what a joy Scotties really are. You may find that Vets seem to be afraid of you. For some reason, we have kind of a bad reputation. I can't for the life of me figure out why. I know I am a little stubborn at times but what's that amongst friends.After all, we have a mind of our own and we use it..quite often I might add. I have seem you out in the Rose Garden sniffing around. It looks like fun. You are always off the leash.. I wish I could be but that's life. My Mom is good and takes me for at least two walks a day. Sometimes we go to the beach to watch the harbor seals in winter and my favorite, I like to chase the ducks in early summer. The Cape is beautiful all year round but us dogs aren't allowed on the beach in the summer..Bummer. Well Barney, it's time for me to go back to my job..protecting the house while my mom is at work. Be good,stay well and behave yourself if possible. Your Friend, Brewster McDuff Hi Brewster, Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and writing such a nice note! Sounds like you have a wonderful (wild)life on the Cape. --BB P.S. Stubborn? Who's stubborn? Scotties always cooperate--it just takes a while for them to decide it's their idea:}
From: trisheh To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Scottie Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 Hi Barney! I am e-mailing you today from Austin, Texas. I look at your web site all the time. It only makes me miss my Scottie that much more. But it brings great memories for me and my husband. See we used to have a Scottie up until a month ago. We had our Scottie for 11 and a half years. Six months ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. He went through a major surgery. They couldn't get everything. They gave him six months. We cherished these six months every single day. He even got better. But just as the Doctors predicted, he got sick at six months with the same thing. My husband and I had to make the hardest decision we would ever have to make. Yes, he went to sleep. I had six months to prepare myself for that day and I was not about to have him suffer as he did before. No one could prepare us for what we felt when we got home. The emptiness, loneliness, of him not being there when we came home. It has been very hard on us. We collected all his toys and put them in a box. So everytime I log on to your site, it brings good memories for me. You look just like Scottie. We are currently in the process of building a house and we will then fill our new home with two new Scotties. We just sold our current home which was good for us because it has too many memories and it does not feel like home anymore. But on a happier note, your website has helped me to heal faster by looking back on all the great memories we had with our Scottie. We have no kids cause Scottie was our child. I even wrote an animated book about different stories of Scotties but never published it. I will someday. Your pictures are great.
From: bmclean@pe.net To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: It's about time! Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 Dear Barney, Glad to see a Scottie back in the White House! See any evidence of Fala still around? I know you'll be as faithful to George W. as Fala was to Franklin - who knows? Maybe you'll get your own spread in a magazine, too. My name is Malcolm and I live in a small Southern California town. I'm a year old and I live with my "Aunt Dolly" whose a 10-year old Scottie, Oz, a 7 year-old Cairn and my best bud, Wallace, a year old Westie. I, of course, am the favored pup, but that goes without saying. My humans were thrilled to have another Scottie in the White House - in fact, it was a very good thing that your arrival was announced before election day - it got your human another few votes! At least from our house where we have 5 voters! Keep up the good work! But try to stay away from the silly hats - it's just not dignified for a Scottie - a tartan jacket or collar would be much more representative. Yours Aye, Malcolm McLean Murrieta, California ArrooooOOOOOOO Malcolm, Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and writing. Sounds like a great clan you have there. Fala was the greatest. The FDR Memorial's just about the only trace of him in these parts. --BB Barney in sombrero P.S. That hat photo was "enhanced" just for fun. The real Barney wouldn't dare wear one that silly!
From: springbok To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Arroo from Texas Hey Kido, How's life been up there in DC? Mom's already making me stay inside now, it's getting hot. Tell your Mom and Dad that we've had some well needed rain this month. Hope they had some on the ranch as well. As to my considering the job of FBI director: although I would probably be very vocal in that position, I doubt that agents with more experience and seniority would want to listen to someone so young. Granted, I would have my nose to the ground, therefore I'd be able to sniff out more of the criminal type persons, I have a feeling coming from such a young law enforcement agent those "old guys" wouldn't take too kindly to me. What do you think? Mom thinks I need to stay home and take care of Baby Madi. She's just a wee one and is always getting herself into trouble. Great picture of you running with the ball! Tell your Mom to get you a budda ball (they're made of hard plastic and are big enough for you to push around the Rose Garden with your nose like a soccer ball). Just be careful and keep the ball between your nose and the rose thorns. Tell your Dad that we think he's doing a great job and are thankful that he went the extra mile for us last November and December. Your friend from home, Eliot Ness http://www.SpringbokScottishTerriers.com Baby Madi This is Baby Madi , a.k.a. Springbok's One in a Million. She said Arroooo too! Hi Eliot, Thanks for the weather update. You're probably right about the FBI thing, but it was just a thought. Baby Madi's a real cutie:} --BB Barney shags a flyball P.S. That picture of Barney with the ball was "enhanced." In real life, he would have gotten into too much trouble with all those T-ball kids running around.
From: carsonjartist Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Scots ready to serve We hail from Bryan, TX, and are friends of Elliott Ness, Champion Scot of Donna Winslow in College Station. You had offered the job of FBI Director to Elliott (email to BB 5/02/01). We figure we could help your Dad save tax payers money by hiring us as Elliott's investigators! Since Elliott's Mom keeps my sister and me pretty, we can meet with Elliott to discuss cases and search for clues without any travel expense or wasted time spent traveling long distances. Then when the need arises to go to the main office in D.C,, we can car pool with Elliott saving even more money. We can also cover cases 24 hrs/day cause my sister is a Black Brindle Scot, great for nighttime undercover work and I am a Wheaton who can be invisible during the daylight hours. Our "sniffers" and sleuthing talents are ready to serve. We'll keep our paws crossed for Elliott and us becoming part of the "big picture"!!! Marsi and Mac Hi Marsi and Mac, Thanks for volunteering to go undercover. The Bureau needs all the help it can get these days, doesn't it. --BB P.S. How good are you at keeping track of evidence files?
From: arabellascot Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 Subject: greetings To: bushybarney@yahoo.com hey Barney we are sending you greetings from Germany! We are seven Scotties in each colours and owners of two tin-openers - not too bad - you know..... If ever come to Germany you should visit us - you are always Welcome! but maybe you love first to know who we are - enjoy our homepage: Arabella's Scottish Terrier Huggies from Scottiemania in Germany Mirko, Martina + Scotties ArrooooooOOOOOOO Mirko, Martina and housefull of Scotties! Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and writing such a nice note from Germany. A visit there sounds great. Your site is wonderful, especially the wagging tail! --BB
From: rburke To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Come for a visit Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 Dear Barney: I am a cousin of yours. I was born on election day, 2000. Please come and visit me when you are in Chicago. We can compare beards. Mine is getting really long. The thing I hate the most is getting my nails cut. Sincerely, Usher Burke ArrrooooOOOOOO Usher, Those beards really make Scotties look dignified, don't they? A visit to the Windy City sounds wonderful, but then Scots make their own wind when they run around the house during their frapping actvity... --BB

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