Tears open his email

From: nick
To: bushybarney@yahoo.com 
Subject: Homepage 
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 
Hi Barney
Woof Woof !
Wow what a cool homepage do you have.
Please come ands see me at my homepage  

ArroooOOOOOO Ace (and Nick),

Glad you like the site. Thanks for sharing yours. I really 
enjoyed your puppy pictures especially. Nick, you must have been so
proud of Baron. The poem on the guestbook page brought
back memories of another Scottie...

Take care

From: nycsalisbury To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Hi barney!! My names is Emma and I am a scottie. I would love to meet you sometimes. I am a pretty girl all black with a red collar that suits me quite well. As soon as I got the first pictures I will have some foward to you! and I am just 13 weeks old. Last week I got my last vaccination and finally I could go outdoors for a walk!!! Jim and German were as excited as I was and they took me to Central Park where I met lots of doggies and they owners but what I enjoyed more was chasing all the pigeons and scaring the hell out of the sqirrels, boy they are so fast. Anyway hope everything is "kwel" at the White House and don't let spot take so much attention from you. You are the Star there. Best regards to the Bushes. Emma ArooooOOOOO Emma, It's always great to hear from young pups. Sounds like you have a wonderful life. Be careful about the squirrels, you might catch one! Barney enjoys life at the White House and is always appearing on TV. Just the other day, he and Spot were seen sniffing around the Rose Garden in the background during a Fox News interview with First Lady Laura Bush. --BB
From: reeshapeedles Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 Subject: hello! Good Boy!!! To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Hi Barn! We hope all is going well & that you have successfully completed your housebreaking training. We know how tough it can be. I am a Wire Fox Terrier and a big black & white shaggy mixed breed. We are thinking about adding a Scottish Terrier brother or sister to our family. Yesterday, we heard Mom tell Dad that she thought that "Air Force Two" would be a good name. What do you think? We think it might be strange, and would really appreciate your opinion if you have time to get back to us. Keep up the good dog stuff & try to get more photos to the media, we really would like to see more of you! Respectfully, ReeshaPeedles and ArchieBarker Hi ArchieBarker (and Reesha), Air Force Two sounds like a great name for your new Scottie, who would be your "vice president" (since that's what the VP's plane is called:} Housebreaking training never stops--there's always something new to break! Yours, --BB
From: reneesuki Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: scotties of course Hello from Beverly Hills. California.......my rescue scottie pup, Bluezy will be one year old on June 17.......she was a sick pup when I firt got her......she still walks alittle funny but is a cute little scottie.....her favorite thing is looking for trouble...shows, furniture, twigs, plants,.........she doesnt like people too much (abused at petstore) but loves other dogs...she only wags her tail for Sebastian, a rescued pug with one eye....and she goes around in circles when she sees him.......scotties are such a delight...so precious.......I know Barney must be having fun as the First Scottie Dog of the United States.........Renee ^.^ THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING DOG RESCUE Renee's PAGE http://www.geocities.com/reneesrescues/
From: populargrl213 Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 Subject: hi again To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Hi tell Barney I said "hi"! Is Barney GOING TO BE IN A DOG SHOW? I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM. ANY WAY I MUST GO NOW BYE, KRISTIE :) Hi Kristie, It's doubtful Barney would be a show dog. He's too busy running the White House for now:} --BB
From: dianer To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Best Wishes from Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora McDonald Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 Dear Barney Congratulations and Best Wishes, it is good to see a REAL dog (i.e. a Scottie) taking his place in public life and doing his duty. I hope the White House roses are sufficiently sturdy for your attentions. Take it from me, breaking in new plants can be such a bore, and usually your mum gets very uptight when they do not respond to a dog's attentions. Flora (my partner) and I live in Williamstown, Victoria, Australia with two cats (but they know their place). Actually I married 'out' as Flora is a Westie, but she is such a gorgeous blonde I couldn't resist her. We are very close to the sea and often go walking along the beach with Mum. You can find wonderful things at the waters edge - old fish heads, dead birds, piles of roting sea weed and many other exciting objects. So far however, I have never been able to convince Mum of the benefit of long roll in the sea weed. I keep telling her it is so good for my skin but somehow she never listens. Must go, I just heard the refrigerator door go so perhaps lunch is on the way. Regards, and keep up the good work (remember a Scottie's digging is never done) Charlie and Flora ArrrrroooOOOO Charlie (and Flora)! Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and writing such a nice note from Australia. BB must have a lot of fans Down Under as you can see in our emails. Barney has been known to frolic in the Rose Garden but has managed not to be a thorn in the White House gardeners' side. Seaweed and sand sounds like a wonderful combination--but only your hairdresser (clipper) knows for sure:} Yours truly, --BB P.S. Westies are very cool, though none can touch Scotties in the stubbornness department!
From: star872820 Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 Subject: Hello Barney To: bushybarney@yahoo.com This is Scottie Boy! Just wanted to say hello to one of my distant relatives. I'm going to be 5 yrs. old in Aug. I just wanted to tell you I'm so glad you got such a grand place to live. I have a Grand place to. You see my Mom and Dad saved my life I was just a skeleton when my Mom and dad saved me. And all my other little friends in that awful place were skeletons to. I was only 8 weeks old when my Mom and Dad got me. They had me in a cage with another bigger dog and he was biting me. So Barney you see that is why I love my home so much and Mom and Dad. You should see me now. I am a very Handsome Lad now! Maybe one day we will meet. Wouldn't that be nice? Oh! My Mom belongs to the ScottyLovers and we help to save Scotties Well will say by for now. Your Scotty friend Scottie Boy... Dear Scottie Boy, What a special lad you are. Glad to hear about your new life with Mom and Dad. It's a wonderful rescue story that makes life so great. --BB
From: bchagt Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 Subject: Let me tell you about McDuff!!!!!! To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Dear Mrs. Bush and President Bush: I watched you on Larry King - and guess what I have news for you........I have raised Scotty dogs for 30 years - I now have McDuff who is a real beauty - he is 5 and is probably one of the most handsome Scotties I have ever had - but I have hate to tell you - their short legs do not stop them from going on the furniture.....they love to get up on the end of the bed when "they want to" and leave when "they want to" they really do have a mind of their own........and do not ever move furniture around - they sense that and have a difficult time adjusting.......McDuff is a very very friendly scotty - loves everyone -even the 12 lb cat down the street - they actually kiss each other all the time when they meet. Hope you enjoy Barney - they are truly one of the best dogs you will ever have - they are dedicated but aloof - they are smart and are always one step ahead of you - even for the President!!!! Have fun and hope to hear of all his progress.... Best Wishes - Bev Marsteller of Mission Viejo, Ca. - a true Republican P.S. One of my clients has a Westie and a Scottie - the Westie is the Democrat and the Scottie is the Republican....... how can we change that!! Ha.....
From: "Lyd S" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Wee Jock waving at Bushy Barney!! Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 Sandy Jock at the beach Hi Bush Barney, Just though I would drop you a wee line from Sydney, Australia. It's pretty good living here. As you can see, I have been having quite a nice time at the beach. The second photo got me into a bit of a mess though. Don't you just hate getting sand in your beard??? Well I hope you have lots of fun in the grounds of The White House and get special treats. My mum is Scottish, well she has dual nationality, Scottish Australian. She rescued me from someone who wasn't very nice!!!. I am sure you will have a very nice life there, but if you are ever in Sydney I can recommend a nice spot for a swim at the beach. Lots of Love, Wee Jock and of course My Mum Lydia Stephenson. G'Day Wee Jock and Lydia, Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and writing such a nice note from Australia. The beach photos are marvelous! Barney would love to dig up your beaches as much as he probably does the Rose Garden. Jock, hope you wear a life vest when you swim! Cheers, --BB
From: MARKBRENDABOSSE Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 Subject: Things We Can Learn From a Dog! To: bushybarney@yahoo.com DEAR BARNEY, HERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN PASS ONTO YOUR HUMAN BUDDIES. HAVE A GREAT DAY! YOUR SCOTTIE PALS FROM GREENVILLE, NC. ELIZABETH & MOM PS. MOM TOOK ME TO THE CHARLOTTE, NC. STCA SHOW,MOM GOT LESSONS ON HOW TO GROOM ME FOR A "SHOW COAT". WENT THERE WITH ALL MY CURLY HAIR, LEFT LOOKING ALL GROWN UP!!!! WE HAD A GREAT TIME,AND I GOT TO DO SOME MODELING FOR RRAZZY'S(GIFTS) IN MY NEW TARTAN KILT!!! I WAS SUCH A CUTIE,LIKE WHEN AM I NOT???HA HA !! :) ELIZABETH 1. Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride. 2. Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy. 3. When loved ones come hom, always run to greet them. 4. When it's in your best interest, practice obedience. 5. Never pretend to be something you're not. 6. Take naps and stretch before rising. 7. When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close and nuzzle them gently. 8. Run, romp, and play daily. 9. Avoid biting when a simple growl will do. 10. When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body. 11. No matter how often you're scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and pout....run right back and make friends. 12. Delight in the simple joy of a long walk. (from A Friend Like No Other by H. Norman Wright; in Lawrence, KS Humane Society May Newsletter) Hi, Thanks for the list, and the grooming update! Scotties must look their best, mustn't they. --BB
Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 From: Donna Winslow To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Arroooo from Texas Eliot on alert Hey Barney, Time to come home to the ranch for a wee visit and maybe my mom will bring me up and we can do what Scotties do best: dig in the yard (flower bed) and try and catch those darted squirrels. I live near College Station with the rest of the clan of 6 -- all scotties. Mom wouldn't have it any other way! I was born on July 29, '99 and have three brothers. My mom decided we were going to be the law and order boys, so I was named Springbok's Untouchable a.k.a. Eliot Ness. I love to travel and have flown once; I didn't get to run around in the plane, but I was in the travel bag under mom's seat. We went to our national specialty dog show in Pennsylvania last October. Now that was fun! There were 200 Scotties entered and shown! What a sight, you would have had fun -- bring your Mom and Dad next October. Mom seems to be pretty proud of me, she says I'm an AKC champion, whatever that is. I just like playing in the yard, although riding in my crate in the front seat of the suburban is lots of fun too because I get all of mom's attention all weekend riding and at the dog show. You take care of President and Mrs. Bush. I know you'll be a good watch dog and help those guys who are always making sure they're safe. I know it's a big responsibility for you, but Scotties are always up to any job presented to them, and although you're still just a pup, that will change soon enough. I really was trying to get loose from mom in this picture because I wanted to chase the squirrel, but mom had a pretty good hold on me. Drat! maybe next time. Take care! Take your vitamins and grow up into a grand Scottish Gentleman! Eliot http://www.SpringbokScottishTerriers.com "All dogs are good; any terrier is better; a Scottish Terrier is best!" ................ William Haynes Hi Eliot, Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney. So you're from Texas--small world! You should be proud to be a champion (but then all Scotties are champs at heart). By the way, with that law enforcement background, would you consider the job of FBI director? That post just opened up, you know. Yours, --BB P.S. Nice picture. You're looking very alert, there.
From: "Abbie MacTavish Casey" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Hey Barney! Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 Organization: Society of Computer-using Online Terriers (SCOTs) Hi Barney, My name is Abbie MacTavish Casey. I'm a Scottie from Texas like you! My brother (also a Scottie) is named Angus. We have our own webpage, and you ought to check it out! My Mommy and Daddy went to Washington DC and took pictures of the FDR monument, but only took Fala pictures...since she was the most important first dog ever! Check out our site when you can! http://www.dentonurology.com/personal/scotties.html Take care! Abbie Hi Abbie, Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and taking the time out of your varmit chasing schedule to write such a nice note. I loved your Web page, especially the picture of Angus taking a break (the charcoal in the background is a sign of what you're ready to do with your catches, right?:) --BB
From: Populargrl213 Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 Subject: hi To: bushybarney@yahoo.com hi barney! i just wanted to say that the dog that e-mailed you ( William), his owner is my teacher! it's cool right? how are things at the white house? do u have your own room in the white house? i have to share a room with my sister well got to go! ::) bye, Kristie Hi Kristie, Thanks for writing to Bushy Barney. Small world. The White House is great. Barney's been traveling a lot between there and Texas. His room is not his own--Barney lets the President and First Lady sleep there too! --BB

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