In The News
(March-April 2001)

Weight Up: First Lady Laura Bush, carrying Barney in one arm, sank briefly as she descended the steps of Marine One, the president's helicopter. Is our favorite Scottie getting too heavy to tote?--BB, 4/28/01
Camera Hog: "(President Bush) and the first lady arrived at the aircraft with Spot and Barney--Spot walking off-leash, Barney in Mrs. Bush's arms. Midway up the steps to the plane, the president relieved his wife of Barney and, holding the dog, waved to the cameras."--White House pool report, 4/28/01
Barney Break?: "It seemed a little strange Wednesday when CNN interrupted its live interview with President George W. Bush for commercials. But CNN said it was responding to a request from the White House," AP reported. Perhaps it was time for the president to take Barney for a little walk...--4/26/01
Barney shags a flyball Bushy League: President Bush will place the first ball on the T to kick off the inaugural T-ball game on the White House South Lawn. Bob Costas will announce the May 6 game and the San Diego Padres chicken will egg on the crowd. But imagine the excitement when Barney takes the field--and runs off with the ball. The First Pup will play shortstop, of course.--BB, 4/26/01                         (BB enhanced photo)
Lap dog(s): "At another point, says Peggy Weiss, a friend of Laura (Bush)'s..., 'I remember us all sitting on the Truman Balcony, laughing and talking. She had kicked her shoes off and had the dogs in her lap. She looked and talked like the same old Laura.'"--US News & World Report, 4/30/01
Now We Know: This contrast between the current and former presidents could explain why there's a First Scottie:
"Bush: Loves Scotland (one of the few countries he has visited often)
Clinton: Loves Oxford (where he avoided the Vietnam draft)"--The Times of London, 4/23/01
Feeling Left Out?: Maybe he's been getting too much publicity lately, but Barney had to be let down when the Washington Post's daily page for kids featured a story about presidential pets. It prominently included a photo of President Bush's dog Spot, but left Barney tucked away in a tiny sidebar virtually listing name, rank and serial number: ("Barney, Scottish terrier").--4/23/01
He's an Animal: "George and I mainly talk about what we're going to do over the weekend or funny things our animals did."--Laura Bush in CNN Larry King interview, 4/18/01
Arrrrthor, Arrrrthor: It's not a big surprise, but First Lady Laura Bush revealed on CNN's Larry King Live that she "might write a book about Barney at the White House." If that happens, Barney would be following in the pawsteps of Spot's mom Millie (not to mention the Clintons' Socks and Buddy). Also on the show, King teased the audience, "You think Barney's a dinosaur?" Laura replied later that the pup has "a little bit of a dinosaur head." She also described her Scottie as a "very quiet dog," said he's quite big but is "going to get a little bigger" but that with his short legs, "he can't jump on the furniture." And, she said, Barney now sleeps on Bushes' bedroom floor, which means he's graduated from the crate. Good dog! Read the interview --4/18/01

Oprah, Laura Bush and Barney on ET At Home With ET: Barney made a big splash on Entertainment Tonight. The bushy one was prominently featured in a photo with Oprah Winfrey and Laura Bush promoting a new interview in the May edition of O Magazine. With his tongue hanging out, maybe Barney was telling us what he really thinks of all this celebrity stuff!--4/17/01

Barney's Family Reunion II: EPA chief Christie Whitman, Barney's original owner, made a rare visit to the White House, to announce that President Bush would keep the Clinton administration's tough lead-reporting requirements. We can only guess the real reason Whitman went: To have some fun with Barney!--4/17/01
Barney's Family Reunion: "By all accounts, (President) Bush and (EPA chief Christie) Whitman remain close friends. Bush hosted Whitman and her husband, John, at Camp David the last weekend in March. Whitman said the primary purpose was to reunite her dog, Tokay, and his dog, Barney, who are siblings."--Associated Press, 4/12/01
Lost But Now Found: Barney sibling Ernie the cat, who had been missing for more than 3 weeks in L.A., was found in the wee hours strolling along the city's Avenue of the Stars, First Lady Laura Bush's office announced. A security guard who located the president's kittie got a $1,000 reward. The First Lady's spokeswoman said: "Mrs. Bush is delighted that Ernie is back in the good hands of Brad Freeman," the family friend who took Ernie in after the cat was deemed too wild for the White House furniture. "We're pretty confident that Ernie is going to be safe this time."--ABCNews.com, 4/10/01

Barney Teas Off: The Bushy One was "extremely well-behaved" at his social debut--tea at the Ritz in D.C. He greeted all the guests at the Cherry Blossom Tea, including 15 dogs. Barney refused to say whether he tried the refreshments, which included Evian and frosted dog buscuits. Of course, he came in style with friend Mary Jane Shackelford in a limo. No word if the First Snout hung out the window on the way home.--Washington Post, 4/7/01
Political Points for Barney: "He's no FDR, but George W. Bush gets points from me for owning a Scottish terrier."--Gerald Ensley, Tallahassee Democrat, 4/8/01
Don't Mind Me: "Mrs. Bush entered the room with the family's two dogs, Spot and Barney, in tow. Spot, a springer spaniel, sat next to her on a couch; Barney, a Scottish terrier, curled up in a corner."--AP interview, 4/3/01
Barney on His Mind?: "I've expanded the definition of words themselves using vulcanize when I meant polarize, Grecians when I meant Greeks, inebriating when I meant exhilarating and instead of barriers and tariffs, I said terriers and bariffs and you know what, life goes on."--President Bush, at White House Radio and Television Correspondents' Dinner, 3/29/01 Latest Scoop: "He's almost housetrained. ...it's not easy to put him outside here. You have to go down in the elevator and walk through the hallways." The first couple even considered planting a plot of grass on one of the White House balconies for the short-'N-bushy one.--Laura Bush, Reuters interview, 3/26/01
Quote: "Her serenity seems to have cast a spell on her six-month-old Scottie dog. By breed and youth he should be yapping wildly. Instead he sleeps near her feet. There are fine vases on the shelves, but Mrs. Bush is unconcerned about their future. 'He's too short, he can't jump up on anything.'"--Laura Bush, Washington Post, 3/22/01
Meet the Press: Barney often gets in the middle of some very important things. On March 15, 2001, a White House transcript found him tangled up in world politics and campaign finance reform.

Note: If you spot Barney in the media--or in person--please let BB know all about it!

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