Tears open his email

Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 
From: Harri 
To: bushybarney@yahoo.com 
Subject: Greetings from England 

Dear Barney,

I'm a Westie, your counterpart on the whiskey bottle! Not that I
partake, but I didn't noticed any West Highland Terriers writing to 
you. What a great life! How do you like flying? Do you ever get sick? Is it
like travelling in the car? I just love riding in the car and barking 
at motorcycles, scooters, rollerblades, and anything I don't like the look
or sound of. I guess it's hard to see things like that if you're high
up, heh?

Black's probably a good color too, doesn't show on your humans' coats.
And you seem to have them well trained too. That's what I like to see
for a dog.

Did you manage to get any chocolate over Easter? I managed to steal
some, myself but I hadn't quite got the knack of pealing off the foil.
It was great even with the wrapping still on.

Lick ya later!

Harri  [short for Harriett]

Hello Harri!

You're a beautiful lass. Thanks for visting Bushy
Barney and writing such a nice note from England. It's
nice to hear from non-Scotties as most of the mail to
BB is from Scottish terriers. Westies are great, too,
though they often get mistaken for being one of
Barney's kind. Because he's flown around the country
since he was a wee pup, Barney's gotten pretty used to
being up in the air. But air sickness bags (with White
House logos) are available for quick use should the
need arise! The bad news at the White Hosue was that
the Easter egg roll was canceled because of rain this
year. The good news: there was lots of chocolate left
over--but we all know how bad it is for doggies.

P.S. Thanks for the wonderful picture.

From: MCM330 Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 Subject: Proud of You! To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Dear Barney, Greetings from Staten Island, NY. My name is William Giles MacGregor,and I'm going to be 2 years old on June 29th. I am very happy that you are living in the White House with your parents President and Mrs. Bush! It must be neat to have so many rooms to explore and so many people to fuss over you. I know that you are from New Jersey and so am I. My mommies got me from the Motherwell Scottish Terriers, in fact, my real name is Motherwell Down the Shore. I think that your dad is my uncle! I'm not sure, but I am investigating that now. I think we may be cousins! Keep up the good work in Washington, we are all thrilled to have the President and First Family owned by one of us! Let's keep in touch. Licks and Wags, William Arrroooo000000 William, Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and writing. It's always nice to hear from relatives. So, you're from Jersey. That brings to mind the immortal words of Saturday Night Live's Joe Piscopo: "I'm from Jersey. Are you from Jersey?!" The White House is nice, but it's tough being a puppy and not getting in trouble for messing up very important stuff there. L&W to you too, --BB
Subject: Greeting to Barney from Bonnie To: bushybarney@yahoo.com From: Michael.Beck Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 Bonnie and mom Hi Barney!! Bonnie Joy Of Scotland here! That's my full name, but mom and dad call me Bonnie. I am twenty months old and all black. I am still growing and only weigh 15 pounds. I live in Landisville, Pa., with my mom and dad and my sister Kashka. She's a cat, but she's OK. We used to fight alot, but she's finally getting the picture who is boss around our house. I love to run and play outside. I have a big job keeping those squirrels off my dad's yard. I am not afraid to show them "some teeth" if you know what I mean. Mom and Dad take me for longs walks and sometimes I get real tired and dad has to carry me home. I sent some pictures of me and my mom so you could see what I looked like when I was your age. Hope you had a good haircut! I was there this weekend and they put a bow on my collar and I don't really like when they do that. It makes my neck scratch. I love to ride in the car and sit on my dad's lap. I like to see the cows and other dogs around our neighborhood. Mom makes me sit on her lap, when were all in the car. She says it's for my own good. I have to go now. I have to go check on those squirrels again. Be a proud Scottie and say hello to your dad and mom. My mom and dad send their congratulations to your mom and dad for defeating that man from Tennessee. Some people just don't know when to give up. I know that your dad is a good President and your mom is a great First Lady. Bonnie Bonnie on patrol Arrrooo000 Bonnie, What cute photos. Do drivers stop and look both ways? And thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and writing such a nice note form Pennsylvania. Do you ever catch those squirrels--or just watch them run up the tree? About those longs walks--just be glad you aren't the one who has to do the carrying:} --BB
From: "Mary Walston" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 We are writing this while our mother is at work. She did vote for the other guy running in the election, but probably would have seriously considered voting for your new parents if you had been around sooner. Anyway, we just wanted to say ARRROOOOO from here in Oregon and hope that if you are out this way you'll stop by to see us. We have a nice big yard and lots of space to run and play all day. We control everything and pretty much get what ever we want when ever we want it! Sofie, Chaucer and Higgins ArrrrooOOOOOO Sofie, Chaucer and Higgins, ...Thanks for the invite to Oregon to play in your big yard. Sounds like a wonderful place to hang out and visit (who knows?)! --BB
From: tice To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: It's about time! Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 Arroooo to you, Barney the First Dog. Yes, I know all about your sibling, Spot, but we both know who will be the First Dog. My name is Maggie and I live with my mom and dad on an island in south Georgia. It's near Fort Stewart. Your dad was here a while back. I hope he enjoyed his trip to coastal paradise. My mom and dad are real softies. They brought me home from North Carolina eight years ago when I was a wee pup. My mom is a teacher and my folks own a NASCAR store which I help run. I greet each and every customer at the door. My job is fun, but my favorite time of day is when mom comes by and takes me home for supper(that's what we southern Scotties call dinner). When its warm, we swim in our pool or go for a ride in the boat and look for dolphins. My folks are great! They take me everywhere. Sounds like yours do,too. Last year we went to the Little White House at Warm Springs. This small Georgia town just loves us because Fala and President Roosevelt spent so much time there. You should make a visit with your folks some day. The house is not nearly as grand as yours, but they sure do make over us Scotties there. Well, best of luck, little boy. Your dad is a good leader so I know you will be also. P.S. I sure am glad your Uncle Jed got that Florida business straightened our so your folks could get to Washington. I was beginning to think it would never happen. We Scotties are not very patient, but we are very persistent. Congratulations! Maggie Arrrroooo y'all, Maggie, Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and writing such a nice note from Georgia. Your parents sound like very nice people. And Warm Springs would be a very hospitable place to visit. And about that Florida mess, Barney doesn't comment about political stuff. He doesn't care if you're a Democrat or Republican as long as he gets the proper attention! --BB P.S. Didn't know Scotties could swim:} From: tice To: "Bushy Barney" Subject: Re: It's about time! Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 Dear Barney, Just for future reference-Scotties are a bit heavy in the rear. Because of this, my folks bought me a life jacket for boating and lounging in the pool. I am fearless, but sometimes a girl gets a bit winded. They thought it best to be safe. So if you decide to pretend to be a Labrador, have your folks get you a jacket. It's the best fun to float around during a volleyball game (with a soft ball of course) and steal the ball.
From: "Debbie Schmit" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Woof Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 Max Hi Barney, My name is Max. I'll be 8 years old this summer. I like to ride with my mom in our 3 wheel bicycle. I eat carrots for my snack. Some of the neighbors like to feed me cookies. I only get per house. Sometimes I run beside the bike to work of all the snacks. I'd like to have you visit me. Max & Max's Mom Arroooooo Max, Thanks for visting Bushy Barney and taking the time to write such a nice note. Carrots and cookies are a wonderful, well-balanced combination! And riding in a bike sure sounds like fun. --BB P.S. to Max's Mom: What a handsome lad you have!
From: "JB Penn" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Hi Barney Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 Shannon on motorcycle
Hi Barney, My name is Shannon. I am a five year old Scottie from Starke Florida. I am the proud owner of James and Betty Pennington. One of the things that we love to do is ride our Harley Davidson. They have made me a special place on the back. I have a little sister named Emmy. She belongs to Betty's best friend Lou. Betty trained Emmy as a companion for Lou who has M.S. Sometimes Emmy has to come stay with us when Lou is in the hospital or if she isn't feeling well. We have the best time together. Emmy We have a big yard but not as big as yours but it has twenty two pecan trees in it. Emmy and I love to chase squirrels play ball and eat. We especially love Frosty Paws it is dog ice cream we buy it at the local Winn Dixie. I don't know if Washington DC has a Winn Dixie but have Mrs. Bush check it out. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of you. Shannon Vrrrroooooooooooom Shannon, Thanks for a wonderful note and great photos: quite a contrast between the two! Do they reflect your personalities? It's nice Lou has such a beautiful companion in Emmy. You'd think the Bushes would know about Frosty Paws, being long-time dog owners. Glad you plan to visit Bushy Barney often and watch as he grows. --BB
From: "anthony rogerson" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: HI BARNEY Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 Barney, My parents were so excited to learn the president has a Scottie! You see, they have had me for the past 11 1/2 years. My name is Ellie. They love me so much they got another little Scottie a few years ago, my pal Lucy. We will be on your "tail" to see what you are up to. I am afraid your mom, Laura, is mistaken about our abililty to get on the furniture. I am not too graceful anymore because I am old; but lil' Lucy, who is a puny 15 lbs, can jump up on the couch with no problem. Have fun and don't disgrace our breed. We love you- Lucy and Ellie Monroe, WI Arrrooooooo Ellie and Lucy, Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and taking the time to write a nice note. Please calm your parents down. It's not good for humans to get more excited than their Scotties:} Word has it that Barney is working up the courage to take a run at the First Bed. But he better watch it because the Bushes can be tough on their animals. Remember a few years back when Millie was licking...herself at the White House. Then-First Lady Barbara took care of her with a swift kick! Take care, --BB
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 From: "D'Ascenzo, Christine A." Subject: our new laddie boy To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Hi There Barney Bush, Maggie and Angus McTavish here. We are writing to let you know that our Mam has adopted a Scottie who was in a puppy mill for the first 6.5 months of his life. He was taken from a broker in Beattie KS. We wish your Daddy or Mommy Laura would help with all the terrible puppy mills in our country. Do they realize how much those furkids suffer. To never touch the grass or smell fresh air. We were lucky when we were born. Our Mam wanted us and has had us since we took our first breaths of real air. My mom had to pay $150 to get the poor little boy here from Arkansas. He came from KS to TN then to Arkansas. Must have something to do with the "people" in Arkansas - did you say Bill? We wanted you to meet our new family member. His name is Burberry - we call him B-Bear. He was born in August of 2001 (a month before you) and did not get out of his terrible cage until he was over 6 months old. He is a real sweetie. I heard about your problem about going to potty. There is a website that has real grass with a fire hydrant and all that is moveable. I will get our hooman Mam to send it to you via e-mail also. Hope you like it - it is great to use in case of rain - I don't like to get my feet wet - do you? Please try and get help for all the other poor fur babes in the puppy mills. It is a horrendous thing that goes on in our country - all in the name of the almightily dollar. We KNOW your Daddy George W will try especially with Laura at his side. P.S. Our Mam met your Grand Dad in Memorial Park several years ago while running in Houston. He was such a nice man - actually made eye contact and we spoke - our Mam is ever so proud of this event. Sincerely yours, Angus 'puppy boy' McTavish Maggie McTavish and Burberry ( B-Bear) cause he is so furry - he is scared of lots of things since being in a crate all his life; but, I know he will become more adjusted as time goes by. Hi Maggie and Angus, Nice to hear from you again. B-Bear sounds very cute. Glad you could add him to your brood. Couldn't agree more about the terrible puppy mills. Education's the key and what better people than the Bushes (who continue to promote education) to work on this problem! --BB
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 1 From: "Jim Rowbotham" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: You Looked Super on Larry King April 19, 2001 Dear Barney, Best wishes from an 11 year old "senior" Scottie! You looked "maavelous" on Larry King last evening. Owing to my own priorities, I realized that your First Lady mom could only hold you for just so long. After all, someone, somewhere in the White House may have wanted to give you table scraps or a snack. Me, I live in Manhattan, but, like you, am fortunate to have a vacation place. Mine is called "Angus's Acre" and is in Westhampton Beach NY. It's a great escape for me, as it's got a large fenced back yard with planted woods covering the rear half. I'm able explore and forage to my heart's content, while making sure that all squirrels evacuate while I'm in the yard. Anyway, Barney, all the best for your White House residency, and beyond. Your buddy, Angus McPooch (The Scottish Terrier Mooch) Hi Angus, Thanks for stopping by Bushy Barney and writing such a nice note. That CNN appearance was fun, wasn't it, especially the part when Mrs. Bush described Barney as Spot's "baby puppy." Angus's Acre sounds like a wonderful getaway or just a place to get "lost" (apologies to Marjorie Flack:). --BB
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 From: Kay Crouch Subject: Your mam To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Hi Barney, This letter is really for your mam to read, especially when she gets ready to write "your" book. Many of us who are owned by Scotties have letters, memo's, journals, etc., that our Scotties have written over the years. I think it would be very exciting to have some of those experiences included in your book! What do you think? By the way, I have a little Scottie boy who is 2 years old that was rescued from a puppymill. His name is Tavvy and he would love to meet you and play with you. Kay, Tavvy, BigMac and Murphy Brown ===== Kay, Murphy Brown, BigMac and Tavvy, Vestavia Hills, AL Alabama Scottish Terrier Rescue Assn. http://www.StBernardRescue.org/heroswaggintrain/ http://welcome.to/DougalsFund Hello Kay and Tavvy, Thanks for stopping by Bushy Barney and writing such a nice note. Tavvy sounds like a wonderful lad--and prospective Barney playmate! The idea of including Scottie rememberances in Barney's book sounds like a good one. If Mrs. Bush reads your letter, she's bound to find it worth pondering. --BB
From: "Bobby Mullavey" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: woof woof Barney! love from Bobby Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 G'Day Barney, My name is Bobby and I am a 4 month old Scottie from Albury, which is in New South Wales, Australia. My colour is black/brindle. And I have beautiful big brown eyes!(not to brag or anything but they are Beuooootiful!). My mummy and my big brother and sister thought it would be a good idea to send you a hello!. My hobbies include sleeping, eating (of course!), chasing pigeons (and my tail!), getting belly rubs, and general mischief! Mummy takes me to work one afternoon a week to visit (and show off!) to the residents of a nearby nursing home. I just love chewing their slippers!. Anyway I have to go because its past my bed time and my teddy bear is missing me. Woof for now! Love Bobby xoxo G'Day Bobby, Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and sending such a nice note about your exploits in Albury. Sounds like you're quite a handful! Keep up the good deeds at the nursing home. Please let BB know if you ever do catch your tail. --BB P.S. You're a pretty smart Scottie, writing at 4 months!
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 From: Kathy Watson To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Hello Barney - We are happy to see you are at the White House - it's about time they had a real dog there! (Although we all loved Millie). We are brother and sister Scotties, 11 1/2 years old. Our mom collects "all things Scottie" and has been reading your web page to us - showing us all the great pictures of you. You have an important job and will be a role model for all the Scottish Terriers of the world. We heard your mom say that you may be working with her on a book about life in the White House - we are hoping that happens and maybe autographed copies could be available? (It would be ok if your mom or dad signed the book, too). Keep up the great work and we really enjoy your web page. Your friends, Tara and Dundee Watson Uniontown, Ohio Arrrro0000oooo Tara and Dundee, Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and taking the time out of your busy Scottie schedules to write such a nice note. BB is amazed that your mom is a Scottie collector. We have never heard of such a thing. Scottie people never show their love for the breed in public. You should have this looked at right away:) We expect Barney's book to be a best seller, of course. One could only hope they'll make a movie of it as well. --BB
From: "Susanne Johnson" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Hi Barney from 2 ozzie scotties Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 Just a short note to congratulate your mum and dad Barney on a wonderful breed choice. ...my wife is Maggie...and we are due to have our first family in July. Keep flying the flag for SCOTTIES everywhere!!!!! Regards, JOCK AND MAGGIE JOHNSON PORTLAND VICTORIA AUSTRALIA Hi Jock and Maggie, Thanks for stopping by Bushy Barney and taking time to write such a nice note all the way from Australia. And congratulations on your soon-to-be first family! Barney has a different First Family, but that's OK:} Your Scottie enthusiasm is contagious. G'day! --BB
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 From: Jane Ranum To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Just want to say welcome Barney! Dear Barney, It's good to see such a handsome dog in the white house again! My human mom and I enjoyed your web site and all the pictures of you. My name is 'Macca', I'm a brindle Scottie that hails from northern Minnesota, and I am 2 and a half years old. My favorite past times include, eating, sleeping, going for walks, and digging up the back yard...what are yours? Please say hi to the Bush's and Spot for me. Thank you, Macca (McCartney's Maybe I'm Amazed of Lomondview) Hello Macca, Thanks for stopping by Bushy Barney and writing such a sweet note all the way from Minnesota. You sound like a wonderful Scottie. Your favorite things are exactly what Barney likes to do, we imagine. But when he digs up the yard, it can become an international incident-- especially if he digs all the way to China! Glad you like the Web site. Hope you come back to watch as Barney grows! --BB
From: Wa2SeE2 Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 1 Subject: The Environment To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Dear Bushy Barney, Maybe you can talk to the president about environmental and endangered species issues. I read in the Miami Herald this morning that Pres. Bush is a big business supporter at all costs. It says that there are "More toxins in the water we drink, more crud in the air we breathe, less wilderness for refuge - and fewer birds and animals to share it with. And, to think, this is only the beginning." I am curious as to the reasoning behind this. Do you think that he is behind big business and not for the environment, for the good of all? Maybe there could be a happy medium. I am happy for you that you are not an endangered species because your master, apparently, would not care what happens to you. Tell him that we all need to be concerned about nature; otherwise, alot of us may not be here. I am looking forward to your reply Bushy Barney! Hope you had a nice Easter. Yours, Marsha Erdmann Dear Marsha, Thanks for visiting and taking the time to share your view. Bushy Barney agrees that the environment should be protected and will post your important message for all, including the president, to see. --BB P.S. Barney is apolitical: he snouts Democrats and Republicans with equal vigor--until he gets the attention he deserves!
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 07:00:21 -0700 From: Donald & Phyllis Davis To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: From Rory & Dr.BooBear (beloved Scots) Dear Barney, Rory here, I am three years old and a black scottie I am loved sooooo much Mamma finally got me a brother he is a wheaten scottie (almost white) so now I do not have to be loved every minute. We have a big yard to play in and we sleep in mamma's & dad's room in our crates. Every night dad gives us treats before bedtime we always sit up for them. We used to get Pepperoni but now we get some kind of healthy dog biscuit, after getting a piece of one dad puts some in a kong and puts it in our bed so we think going to bed is special. Our mamma covers us up every night with a light weight bankie then she kisses our big noses all the way up to the top of our head which gets a big kiss. She tells us we are the very best boyo's she knows. We hope you get a baby sister or brother cause it is such fun to play with my brother. Hi Barney, Dr.BooBear here. Even though I am six months younger than Rory I am the alpha which means I eat first and I hog all the bones and bury them in the garden, this makes my beard dirty but I am a scottie after all. Mamma says that I am a couch potato, but I look out the window and bark at the other dogs that walk by. I have a girlfriend in Las Vegas her name is Vegas Maggie she really loves me. Also up the block a new scottie moved in Cassie she loves me too and will not leave me alone she has lots of pep. We have a kitty Millennia who goes on walks with us and plays with us she curls her tail around my nose. Remind your mamma that we Scots have minds of our own and we come when we want to. Mam and Dad never hit us or are cross with us so we give them lots of scottie kisses. All for now. Rory & Dr.BooBear (our treasured Scots) Arrroooooo Rory & Dr.BooBear, Sounds like you have lots of fun playing with each other and Millennia, Cassie and Vegas Maggie. Maybe you can stop by the White House next time you're in Washington! --BB
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 From: Richard To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Happy Easter from England! Hi Barney! Teagan My name is Teagan. I'm only 15 weeks old and I live in England. My human parents told me that I had a famous cousin living in America, so I thought I'd send you an Easter Greeting from your distant homeland. Below is a photo of me on my third walk, admiring the view. You can see & read all about me on my very own web site my human folks have made for me. As you'll see, I have a Scottie & Westie 'Uncle & Auntie' to look up to. They live with my human grandparents in the south of England, I live near London. Licks & Woofs, Teagan http://www.chessy3.freeserve.co.uk/puppy.html Aroooo000 and Happy Easter to you too Teagan! Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and writing all the way from Jolly Ole England. My, you're a pretty gal. Love the wonderful pictures, especially the family visits! Barney's getting ready for the White House Easter Egg Roll. The Bushes hope he doesn't make too much of a mess in the garden:} Hope you come back and visit Bushy Barney from time to time to watch him grow. --BB
From: MARKBRENDABOSSE Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 Subject: greetings To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Dear Barney, Hello from NC. My name is Elizabeth and I am a 5&1/2 month old scottish terrier. My mom thinks it's so cool to have a scottie in the WhiteHouse. We checked out your website and we enjoyed reading the letters from other scottie owners/lovers.Glad to know that you have Spot to play with you. I have two cats named Colores,and Mouse. Mouse is the only one who plays with me,and we love to play tag,your'e it!,ha ha. I am just finally finishing being housebroken myself,mom is glad about that and so is dad. So do you think someday you'll trick your folks into letting you sleep on the bed? My humans are such softies,they think they are training me while instead it's the other way around. I hope you are treating your folks (the President and the First Lady) well,and you are getting use to your new surroundings. Looking at your photos on the webpage made me think I was looking in the mirror,and I too have a white crest on my chest; it makes me look so regal! I hope that maybe you will get a chance to check out our webpage (mom and me),and maybe get a laugh or two from my weekly stories about my escapades. Looking forward to hearing from you. Before closing I have a doggie's proverb for you. "Properly trained, a man/woman can be a dog's BEST FRIEND." Good luck to you and all of your family. Sincerely, Elizabeth and family http://www.scottieandotherdoglovers-56.cityslide.com Arrroooooooo Elizabeth, Thanks for dropping by Bushy Barney's Web site and taking the time to write such a nice note from North Carolina. Yes, Barney is enjoying life in the White House, but he's still trying to find a way to slip away from the security people so he can have some real fun. Hope you come back to watch as he grows! --Bushy Barney P.S. Looked in on your Web site, possum tails and all. Hope you can post some pictures soon! --BB From: MARKBRENDABOSSE Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 Subject: re:update of your site To: bushybarney@yahoo.com ARRROOO! Barney,from Elizabeth and mom (Greenville, N.C.) We got your e-mail response from writing you. Glad that you enjoyed the "opposum story). I still think that the boogy opposums are out to get me! Mom and dad tries to reassure me they won't let anything get me. Be glad when I finally get a little bigger. Heard that you graduated from your crate to the bedroom floor of your parent's room at night. Congratulations!! Good job! Your next mission(if you choose it) is to get on the bed to sleep at nite. Got my parent's to help me up on the bed at nite. Those short legs can be a drawback sometimes,huh? Saw you were on tv.,how was it ? So, your mom is thinking about writing a book about you.TRUST ME, if you are like me there is never a dull moment,and I'm always finding ways to humor my folks!It's a dirty job,but someone has to do it!HA HA!! Mom and I added your webpage to our site as a link,hope that is ok. Well,keep up the good job on the housebreaking,and keeping those silly security guards busy. Well wishes to you and all your family. Tell Spot we say hello! Elizabeth & mom(Brenda) Nice to hear from yooooo000 again Elizabeth (and mom). Don't hurry up to grow. Sleeping on the bedroom floor is nice, but Barney gets to revisit the crate from time to time, just because it's like a cozy cave, and we know where "animals" like to hang out. Since you get to sleep in your parents' bed, you (...or they) must not snore too loud! The Larry King interview was OK, but Barney was anxious to get out from under those hot lights. --BB P.S. Thanks for the Web link! The more, the merrier.
From: "darryl annett" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: message for Barney from Jack Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 dear Barney I am 8 and I have 2 dogs one of them is a scotty and the other is a westy the scottys name is Digby and the westys name is Bridie and I also have 2 fishes they are both gold fishes my ones name is Spot because he has a red spot on his head my brothers ones name is Scud because he is so fast I live in Melbourne Australia 2 Jamieson street I hope you have a happy easter from Jack Arrrroooooo Jack, Thanks for visiting Bushy Barney and writing such a nice note all the way from Melbourne. Wow, you have quite a variety of pets! Barney has a sister named Spot--she's a Springer Spaniel. Barney is having a good time living at the White House and flying on the president's helicopter and airplane. He's trying to stay out of trouble, but you know how Scottie puppies are... Hope you come back to the Web site from time to time to watch Barney grow. Happy Easter to you too, BB P.S. Can't wait to see Barney chase those eggs at the Easter Egg Roll:}
From: BROWN1218 Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 Subject: Yo, what up, Barney my man.... To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Dude, like my ol' lady, she think she all dat now, cuz there be like a real ScoTTEEE chillin' in the crib o' da prezoDENT, wuh dey call the white HOUSE. She be tellin' all huh peeps, and dey be tellin' her "so WHAT?" (some o' dem be DEMS, know what i'm sayin?). See, she get me fo a pet a cuppa months back, 'fo she know bout YO bein' the PUP o' the white HOUSE, the bushy barNEEE. She be wantin' a Scottish TerriER fo huh doggee cuz we be so "CUTE", like she say, and we don't be sheddin' no hair all over da crib. She and me, we have the same birthDAYS, so it be like written in the STAHZ, y'all. I come into the world, yo, on the 7th day of DecemBA, jus' las yea, know what ahm sayin, so i be jus a lil' o' pup o' daddy. Yo, I hears yo be 3 months older n' me. Yeh, we still be peein' an' doin' our bizz-o-ness on the kitchen flo, y'all. We be bitin' an' chewin' on anything we see. Yo, it's da life, my man, da LIFE! You come on down o' to my crib, we be checkin' out da (girls), know what i sayin'? ... 'Fo they take us to da VET, 'fo the SNIPPEE SNIPPEE, know what i'm sayin'? Enjoy my fine photoGRAPH...dat's me in da kitchen, where i be spendin' most o' my days, due to the, well, you know what i'm sayin. Check it out, man, "Mikey"...YO! Mikey
Yo Mikey, You are so very un-PC. I dig it (and the Rose Garden), man. Thanks heaps for dropping by my Web site and taking a load off (know what I'm sayin?). You are one FINE lookin' pup. Yup, "cute"'s the word, alright. 'preciate all the advice about those PERSonal issues. It's a rrrrrrufff world out there and you 'n me gotta make the most of it while we still can:} Yours truly, --BB
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 To: bushybarney@yahoo.com From: ramona bush Subject: Haircut Hi Barney, When will we get to see some new pictures of you? We hope that your parents will get you an Action Ball. They are so much fun. You and Spot can pull each other back and forth and all around with the rope handles. Our Mom got us one and we love it. Duffy doesn't exactly understand it all, and he chews on the straps sometimes, but then he's still pretty little too, well, he's almost one and a half, but he doesn't act like it. Please tell us more about yourself, what you're doing and everything. Your Friends, Carrie, Duffy and Toto Hi Carrie, Duffy and Toto, Thanks for stopping by Bushy Barney. You're a curious bunch, aren't you! Some new pictures went up just the other day (see top of BB home page). Thanks for the tip on the Action Ball. Barney and Spot are sure to want one. Now that it's spring time and the flowers are in bloom, Barney's sure to be bounding around the rose garden and giving the White House security folks a run for their money. Barney can't wait for the Easter Egg Roll to have some real fun! Hope you stop by for another visit real soon. --BB

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