Tears open his email

Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 
Subject: Greetings from Greenville (Ayden) NC. 
To: bushybarney@yahoo.com 

Brenda in shades

Dear Barney, Aarroo!! hello from mom &me (Elizabethy) from NC. How are things 
going for you at the Whitehouse? Heard that the security guards are being 
placed around the plants in the yard for your safety, or to keep you from 
being too busy??hehe! Got a look at your recent photos, see you are growing 
up quickly too. Mommy made me get a "real" haircut,& my fur is just now 
growing back in from having it hand-strip-ped. But now,I officially look like 
a scottie. Mom says I don't look like her fuzzy little baby anymore,but it's 
still me just more sophisicated looking,hehe!! We got some new pictures in 
our album,& a really funny story too. Well,it wasn't too funny at first; but 
I'm out of "the doghouse" for now! Hey, I gotta be me!hehe!  By the way, we 
just wanted to ask you when you check out out latest on our homepage,would 
you mind checking out the one page named"Conner's Memorial?" His mom is a 
good friend of ours & we are very sad about his "passing away." It's quite a 
tragedy,& we would like for you & your mom to be informed of these such 
conditions.Just the more people know the less things like this happens. Sorry 
about the "off note", but we know how much your mom loves you & the other 
fur-kids. We hope that all is well with you & yours,& you're having "tons of 
fun" at the Whitehouse. Oh, how is the sleeping arrangements coming along? 
Take good care of your mom & dad,as well as Spot. Your scottie pals, 
Elizabeth & Mom(Brenda)   :) Wanted to share a "doggie pledge" with you. *the 
sofa is not a face towel,neither are mom's & dad's lap*   aarroo..scotties 
rule!  hehe!! 

Hi Elizabeth & Brenda,

Thanks for the update and the photo. Love the shades!
Barney's been prowling the White House while the
Bushes are off in Europe. We hear he has the run of
the house.


From: "Kelly K Conklin" To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: Dear Barney Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 Dear Mr. Bushy My name is Westley's Matilda (Mattie) I'm a proper Southern Lady, My measurements are: Nose 6" Tail 8" Weight: (a lady never tells..) Nationality: TEXAN Color: Black DOB: June 15, 2000 I'm currently running for Miss Scottie, USA. My hobbies include swimming, chasing birds and getting groomed. I'm interested in all kinds of smells, and running. I would like to thank my mom for all her patience and treats she has passed out during the day. I've completed obedience school and am now looking forward to having my own litter. I was so excited to see a scottie in the White House I think you're dreamy. You may come to call (only with the proper paperwork and my mom's approval, of course) anytime. Starry Eyed, Miss Mattie Why hellooooo there Miss Mattie! You sound like a lovely Texas lass. With the Bushes away in Europe these days, why don't you come right on over to the White House? We bet Barney would love the company of the future Miss Scottie, USA! --BBB (Blushing Bushy Barney)
From: Tbfairclth Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 Subject: arooo! To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Maggie smiles Hi Barnie! A wee note from the Scots in Florida. And is it hot here! This is Duncan and Oliver here. We also have included a picture of one of our baby sisters Maggie. Molly is her twin but she's picture shy. We didn't like the idea of sharing our cookies but we finally started getting along and playing with our sisters, but I let em know who's boss. Me! Oliver and I are members of the Naughty Boy Club (No girls allowed!) with our best friend Peter. Sometimes he comes over and spends the night and we have a lot of fun chasing the cats around in the house. He just moved and we miss him so much! The cats don't seem to mind though. There's a Scottie pup named Sophie that does the weekend weather with her mom on a local news station. She wears hats and stuff. We think she's really cool and cute too! Well, if you might want to join the Naughty Boy Club let us know. Take Care. Duncan ArrooooooOOOOOO Duncan, The picture of Maggie is adorable. The NBC sounds like a cool club. Two questions: Are special membership cards handed out and are the dues reasonable? --BB
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 From: Bill Keenan To: bushybarney@yahoo.com Subject: A Poem For Barney:W's Best Friend I wrote this originally as "Ode to Fergie"...my own Scottish Terrier...the words have been changed in honor of the new White House Scotty.... "W 's Best Friend" Soulful brown eyes... That sparkle and gleam... Pointed velvet ears.. Alert...never mean! Bearded and wiry.. With short, little legs.. For a taste of W's dinner.. He sits up and begs.. A dog of the earth.. Low to the ground.. With Barney in the White House.. There's no mice to be found.. Barney loves running afield.. Chasing Democrats is his goal.. He is sometimes aloof... But, always quite bold.. He is sometimes playful.. And sometimes retiring.. A snooze in the Lincoln Bedroom.. For Barney, is inspiring.. He is fun loving, loyal... Faithful, and true.. W, you don't own Barney.. Barney owns you! Whether guarding the Bush ranch.. Or asleep by W's side... Barney is the best friend.. "W" can have in his life.....

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