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Barney and Miss Beazley, from White House video
VIDEO: Barney & Miss
Beazley's Spring Garden Tour

Dig This: Miss Beazley played a prominent role in helping the president celebrate Arbor Day with the planting of a chestnut tree at the White House. Miss B. sniffed the media's microphones and -- no surprise since she's a terrier -- she took a keen interest in the hole the president dug with the help of other dignitaries. -- BB, 4/29/05

In the First Bed: First Lady Laura Bush "says the president still gets up most mornings and brings her coffee. 'That's been our ritual our whole married life. And now he comes in with Miss Beazley, our new little tiny dog. So she spends a little time running around on the bed and jumping on us.'"--CBS News Sunday Morning, 3/13/05

In Fine [Historical] Company: "[First Lady Laura Bush] sits on a red damask settee in the White House Map Room, where Franklin D. Roosevelt plotted the Allied victory in World War II, stroking Miss Beazley, her new Scottie puppy, a tiny feminine form of Roosevelt's beloved Fala."--The New York Times, 1/20/05

She's Young Yet: "During the 25 minutes in the Oval Office, Mr. Bush also took the group [of educators and Bush administration officials] over to a window where they watched the President's two Scottish terriers, 4-year-old Barney and a headstrong puppy named Miss Beazley, romp around the White House lawn. 'He talked about the dogs and said the little one is going to be tough to raise,' Mr. Gerber [principal of Payne Elementary School in Paulding County, Ohio] said.--The Toledo Blade, 1/14/05

Beezie Bee: "When the interview was over, [President Bush] took his guests out on the South Lawn to meet the family's two Scottish terriers, Barney and tiny Miss Beazley, born Oct. 28, whom he addressed in baby talk and affectionately called 'Beezie.' Barney kept his distance. 'He doesn't want Beazley messing with his toy,' Bush said with a laugh.--USA Today, 1/13/05

'A New Baby': "'Isn't she the cutest?' [Laura] Bush coos as she cuddles the puppy after placing a tattered white towel over her charcoal gray pants to protect them from black fur. 'She's so sweet.' They have such a connection that her friend Regan Gammon says Bush is acting like she 'almost has a new baby in the house.'

"As she talks in the White House library about her husband's second inauguration, her plans for the next four years and her efforts to maintain a fulfilling private life, Bush's left hand never stops stroking Miss Beazley, who sleeps next to her.--USA Today, 1/13/05

She's Here!: Miss Beazley has arrived at the White House to keep Barney company. The president and first lady showed off the 10-week-old First Pup at an official press availability and the little one quickly won over the gathered media throng. Miss Bea, a presidential present to Laura Bush, also raised speculation about who would be boss among the Great Scots of the White House, who are related in more ways than one. Mrs. Bush introduced her as "our new little baby." Besides being "siblings," Barney's half-brother is Miss Beazley's father.--BB, 1/06/05 (Photo Gallery)

Little Miss Beazley
Makes Big Debut

Miss Beazley, White House photo
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