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In The News
(December 2001)

Bush's Ark: "Bush sauntered down the stairs of Air Force One with his English springer spaniel, Spot (a Millie descendant), on a leash and his Scottish terrier, Barney, under one arm. India, the family cat, was carried down the back stairs in a plastic tote."--The Washington Post, describing the president's arrival in Texas the day after Christmas, 12/30/01

It Takes One to Know One: "President Roosevelt had good taste in dogs. Fala was a great Scottish Terrier, a tribute to our breed."--Barney tells Spot during A Holiday Tail, a White House Christmas tour by the presidential pets, 12/01

He's Got Enough Chew Toys: "If they're trying to send Barney a gift -- they ought to send it to a charitable based organization. That would make our hearts feel great and I know it would help people in need."--President Bush, 12/20/01

Terrier-ist: Barney stole the show when he made an appearance on ABC's 20/20 Barbara Walters interview with the president and first lady. During the piece, which featured a Christmas tour of the White House, Barney scurried through and ate some fake snow that was used to decorate the Christmas trees. He also was seen running away with some masking tape and ignoring a presidential order to come. "Here means go," the president said, joking that Barney was well trained. Nevertheless, Bush called his pet "a good man." In addition to a candy version of Barney on the gingerbread house (Walters quipped that she hoped they could keep the real dog away from it), there's also a Barney ornament on the Bushes' private tree in the upstairs living quarters. The first couple also repeated that playing with Barney helps them relax after dealing with world tensions each day.--BB, 12/4/01

Presidential Sweet: "The State Dining Room's centerpiece is a 130-pound gingerbread recreation of the White House as it appeared in 1800 when John Adams became the first president to live there. But the tableau also has some personal touches, including tiny replicas of the Bushes' pets, terrier Barney, spaniel Spot and India the cat. A marzipan armadillo, Barney's favorite prey on their Texas ranch, lurks incongruously in the snow." "On the lawn, a candy version of the Bushes' terrier sits beside a chocolate signpost reading 'Beware of Barney.'"--Reuters and AP dispatches from Laura Bush's White House Christmas tour, 12/3/01

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