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In The News
(October-November 2001)

Dubya's W: Barney may soon be getting a sibling, Bushy Barney has learned. The Bushes are looking for a wheaten (blonde) Scottish Terrier pup to run alongside the black Barney. It looks like double trouble -- or double the fun -- is coming to the White House! --BB, 11/29/01

Newsweek cover Cover Boy: Barney made the cover of Newsweek's
Dec. 3, 2001, issue, along with President Bush, First Lady Laura Bush and Spot. In his usual understated fashion, the First Scot can be seen hanging around in the background. (Conspiracy theories abound: Maybe they're downplaying the Bush-Barney/ FDR-Fala comparisons.) In the cover story, the president describes the night of Sept. 11, when there was what turned out to be a false alarm about a threat to the White House: "So we get out of bed. I'm actually in my running shorts with a T shirt, old shoes. Grab Barney, grab Spot (the family dogs). Laura has no contacts, so she's holding onto my arm... We get into the elevator, and straight down to the" presidential bunker... --BB, 11/28/01

Comics Genius: Barney's made the funny papers. (No, not that way -- he's long been house trained). The wonderful comic Raising Duncan by Chris Browne mentions the first pet. Adelle Kelly, one of Scotty Duncan's owners, says: "Duncan, did you know President Bush has a little black Scotty dog?" Duncan replies: "I'm not surprised. Everybody knows he's surrounded himself with all the best people!"--BB, 11/21/01

Comrade Barney: "We have a lot in common. They have two daughters very close to the age of our daughters. Their daughters are named for their grandmothers, like our daughters are named for our grandmothers. They have two dogs or three dogs that they're crazy about, so they, of course, got to meet Barney and Spot."--Laura Bush, discussing similarities between her family and Russian President Vladimir Putin's, in USA Today, 11/21/01

Barney, Getting Down on the Ranch:
"THE PRESIDENT: And then Thursday morning, we'll go for a -- down, boy -- that's Barney, by the way -- (laughter.)
MRS. BUSH: And this is Spot.
--White House transcript of the Bushes' remarks upon arrival at the airport in Waco, Texas, prior to meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, 11/14/01

Will Barney Get Royalties?: Speaking at the National Press Club, First Lady Laura Bush confirmed what she told Larry King last April: she wants to write a book about Barney. "'I thought it might be fun to write a baby book, the little hard, cardboard books that you read to babies and babies chew on.' The subject, she said, might be Barney, the Bush family dog."--New York Times, 11/9/01

Who's Party is it Anyway?: "Mrs. Bush and her aides still use reciprocal treats 'to cheer each other up,' she said. The staff threw her a surprise party this month for her dog Barney's birthday." --The Associated Press, 10/28/01

Please, Don't Even Ask: "With all the anthrax scares, we wondered if the Bush family dogs, Barney and Spot, have been tested. Laura Bush's spokeswoman, Noelia Rodriguez, stiffed us. 'This is a matter of national security,' she said. 'It would be inappropriate for me to comment on that. Bowwow.'"--The Washington Post, 10/28/01

He Shines: "As (First Lady Laura Bush) returned to her office in the East Wing, the strain of the last month showed a bit in her eyes and voice, but she still could laugh as her frisky Scottish terrier Barney scampered in. The chunky little bundle of black fur, she pointed out, does bear a certain resemblance to those automatic shoeshine machines with big bristles on both ends."--Rena Pederson, columnist, Dallas Morning News, 10/21/01 (via alert BB fan Ken Ewing!)

Putting his Paw Down: President Bush held firm against the latest demands by you know who, you know where. "There is no negotiation. Period," the president said Sunday, upon returning to the White House from Camp David. "Come on Barney."--BB, 10/14/01

Talking Dogs: "George H.W. Bush, no. 41, as he is known in the family, put in a call to the White House late Thursday after his son George W. Bush, No. 43, had finished his war speech to the joint session of Congress. 'He and Laura were alone in that big house,' the former President recalled. 'George was putting out the dogs.' It is most often that way in the Bush family. Just when the media and political power schemers figure the father and son have their heads together in some shadowy corner dividing up the world's leaders for telephone pleas, they talk family, dogs and how the bass are doing in the Crawford pond."--Time Magazine, 10/1/01

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