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In The News
(July-September 2001)

Barney returns to the White House from vacation in Crawford, Texas, Aug. 30, 2001.

Fashion alert: Barney's sporting a new red, white and blue collar in these Aug. 4, 2001, pix.

Barney's Doing His Part: President Bush is entirely focused on the recent tragedy and how to respond to it, First Lady Laura Bush says. "That's what he's talked about all day. That's what I know he's thinking about every minute he isn't home. But, and this may sound crazy, but we have three pets we're crazy about. Since our children are not there with us to entertain us, we let our three pets entertain us."--The Washington Post, 9/19/01

Barney's In the Picture: When President Bush made his Oval Office address to the nation on the night of the country's worst tragedy since World War II, the First Scot was looking on. Not in person, perhaps, but Barney's clearly seen on Laura Bush's lap in a photo on the desk behind the president.--BB, 9/11/01

Maybe He Should be in the Cabinet: "Christine Todd Whitman had been New Jersey's governor before leading President Bush's Environmental Protection Agency. But Bush rarely asks for her advice outside her area of responsibility. 'Mostly we talk about the dog, about Barney,' she said of the Scottish terrier she gave the president."--The Washington Post front page, 9/5/01

Just the Facts: The newly minted White House Web site tells us a few new facts about the Bushy one: Barney's dream job is "student...loves to learn"; his favorite sport: "playing tennis with the President and Spotty"; food: "milk-flavored dog treats"; color: red (if he could see colors); napping spot: in his bed, of course. We're also shocked to know Barney can't read (and we thought this was the education president). But if he could, the White House says, the First Pup's favorite book would be Dr. Seuss's ABC: an Amazing Alphabet Book.--BB, 9/2/01

But He Knows His Alphabet: Barney got top billing when the president and first lady unveiled the newly redesigned White House Web site. The kids' section features Barney's White House ABC's, which lists facts about the president and the White House as well as ideal qualities that children should strive for. "I was particularly impressed that Barney plays a major role in helping the young understand what's going on in Washington, D.C.," the president said.--BB, 8/31/01

Parade cover with First Lady and Spot (Wrong?) Dog on Parade: Is Barney on the outs with Laura Bush? We noticed that this Sunday's Parade magazine cover features the First Lady sitting with Spot. The First Scottie is nowhere to be seen. Doggie crisis counselors: talk amongst yourselves.--BB, 8/26/01

In the Hole: "You know, Laura has mulched our flower beds around the house and we water in the evening, so therefore the soil is very moist and armadillo love to dig the soil, looking for bugs. So I went out there the other day, and there was Barney buried in this hole, chasing an armadillo." --President Bush, discussing Barney's activities on the ranch in Crawford, Texas--Washington Post, 8/26/01 (Read the text of Bush's remarks.)

Not the Bottled Kind: "The president gets a kick out of watching his Scottish terrier puppy, Barney, chase armadillos and wild turkeys, who are safe from Bush's shotgun."--Associated Press, 8/25/01

Home on the Ranch: President Bush "wakes up, always by 5:45 a.m. -- without an alarm clock -- makes coffee and takes Barney for a walk. Bush says he takes along his coffee cup and a small flashlight. 'One of the interesting things to do is drink coffee and watch Barney chase armadillos. The armadillos are out, and they love to root in our flower bed. It's good that Barney routs them out of their rooting.'... Bush cherishes small moments at his retreat. One day, he and Barney were out walking, and 'about 25 turkey charged out of the middle fork of the Bosque (River) and headed up my little hill.' On Monday morning, he and Barney were out for their pre-dawn walk, 'and Barney takes off, and just like a jet bolts off across this little prairie, and I ... meander over, and there he is, he's cornered an armadillo. 'Those moments aren't all that startling, but I appreciate them a lot, and I miss them,' he said. 'This is the thing that people I think are beginning to understand about me: This is my home.' Paraphrasing Harry Truman, he said, 'You always remember where you came from and where you go back to. I have somewhere to go back to.'"--USA Today, 8/22/01

Spelling B: Barney finally made it up to Kennebunkport with Spot and the rest of the Bush clan. And the amazing thing is that even though he's still a young pup, the little Bushy one is smart enough to spell it.--BB, 7/6/01

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