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In The News
(May-June 2001)

Bush salutes while
holding Barney Ear's Looking at You: The photo of President Bush attempting to salute while clutching Barney (or is he checking for ear mites?) made most of the major papers today. The ridiculous pose made it hard for photo editors to pass up. Of course, no one could have been more embarrassed than the short-legged one, whose look can best be described in two words: Why me?--BB, 6/26/01
A Dog's Life: It seems that Barney has a good portion of the White House to run in and lots of freedom to play or sleep as he see fit. He's very friendly with everyone that works there, and for that matter, everyone he meets, a source close to the Bushy One tells BB. "He's very happy when he's at home," the source says. "Guess I'd be happy too if I could live in that grand house."--BB, 6/14/01
Front Page: Barney emerged from seclusion, making a big splash in photos across the otherwise grim front pages of Monday's Washington Post and Washington Times. The Post's caption: "President Bush, with his dog, Barney, arrives at Andrews Air Force Base after spending the weekend at his ranch in Texas." No word on whether Barney roped any "little doggies" back at the ranch. --BB, 6/11/01

Fashion Accessory: "Around 10:30 A.M. Central time, POTUS (President Bush) and FLOTUS (First Lady Laura Bush) cross a sizzling Texas tarmac at Ft. Hood to board Air Force One. He leads Spot on a leash. She carries Barney under her arm, like a Prada satchel. They are both dressed casually and both looked relaxed; he may have caught a few rays."--White House pool report by Frank Bruni of the N.Y. Times, 6/10/01
You Can Lead a Dog...: Barney's been keeping a low profile lately and we can only imagine why. What with older sisters Jenna and Barbara getting in trouble over that mess down in Texas, the First Pup figures he'd better keep his head down. One thing's for sure: Barney's sticking to water as his beverage (and he's got the drooling beard to prove it).--BB, 6/4/01
Dog (Almost) Gone: In a game of what-might-not-have-been, First Lady Laura Bush says she and the president nearly decided against adding Barney to their family. Former New Jersey Gov. Christie Todd Whitman offered George W. the Scottie pup as a gift for Laura. According to a profile of the First Lady in the June issue of Vogue, "Mrs. Bush told her husband that she had always loved Scotties. 'And then when we got home and thought, you know we've lost our minds.'" With the election outcome up in the air last fall, "We didn't know if we were going to be in the White House or in the (Texas) Governor's Mansion," Mrs. Bush told the magazine. "We really decided we didn't want the puppy." Just think, this Web site might never have existed if things had gone the other way!--BB, 5/31/01
Don't Tell Spot: Not that we didn't already know it, but First Lady Laura Bush says Barney's the most popular animal around the White House. According to the June issue of Vogue, as Mrs. Bush was being fitted for a new suit, Barney "energetically nosed the remaining safety pins at his mistress' feet. 'Isn't he the cutest thing?' she asked as Barney turned his attention to a tennis ball on the floor...'He's everyone's favorite,'" the First Lady said. Then, as if on cue to remind her that they're not chopped liver, the magazine said, "Spot and the black cat India also emerged."--BB, 5/31/01

Look Who's Bushy Now: The latest in a flurry of magazine and TV interviews has First Lady Laura Bush intimating the pet nickname she and the president have for each other. It seems she often calls George "Bushy", Harpers Bazaar reports. But then again, maybe it's not the commander-in-chief she's talking to.--BB, 5/23/01

Pump Her Up?: So it turns out the problem isn't Barney's weight after all. A source close to the bushy one says he's not too heavy for his age. And he recently shed a few ounces when he got another trimming. Maybe First Lady Laura Bush needs to join the president in his famous workouts and build up some muscles herself.--BB, 5/15/01
Two-handed hold Heavyweight: Remember a couple of weeks ago, when the First Lady seemed to buckle under Barney's weight as she descended the steps of Marine One? Well, the First Pup's definitely been bulking up as evidenced by these pictures: Notice Mrs. Bush's two-handed grip in carrying him. Perhaps a new leash on life would be in order?--BB, 5/13/01
Unnecessary Rrruffness: White House reporters spotted Barney minding his own business and called him over for a petting. But the two security agents accompanying the bushy one would have none of that ("Step away from the dog and no one will get hurt," was the implication). "Don't worry, we won't bite," one reporter said, bringing chuckles from the other scribes. Barney got it too and wagged his tail.--BB, 5/9/01
Barney in sombrero Aye Chihuahua!: President Bush threw the first-ever White House festival for Cinco de Mayo. The mariachi band was playing, George P. was dancing and Barney was dreaming he would be allowed to get in on the fun, too.--BB, 5/4/01

(BB enhanced photo)

Don't Mind Me: When President Bush announced his new commission to save Social Security, Barney was off to the side of the action, being walked on a leash in the Rose Garden. Can't blame the bushy one for not caring much. Barney should still be covered through his lifetime. The program isn't expected to run out of money until 2038.--BB, 5/2/01
The Nose Knows: It might have been a case of "will the real Mrs. Bush please stand up." Carrie Quinn Dolin, who plays the first lady on Comedy Central's raunchy-baudy That's My Bush!, was set to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner, where the first couple were the guests of honor, TV Guide reports. But a last-minute scheduling change kept the actress away. One thing's for sure, though: Barney (or any dog worth his salt) would have known the difference.--BB, 5/2/01

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