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In The News
(January-April 2002)

Scottie Over Residence: A painting called "Brave Barney" featuring the first pet flying over the White House has First Lady Laura Bush smiling, the Plano Star Courier says. Mrs. Bush's staff reportedly pitched in to buy her the painting by Texan Michael McWillie, who is known for his renderings of Scotties and other dogs.--BB, 4/13/02

Funny Dogs: See Barney and Spot in an editorial cartoon. --BB, 4/9/02

Activity Dog: This year's White House Easter egg roll festivities feature a Kids Activity Book starring you know who.--BB, 4/1/02

The Incredible, Edible Barney: "Workers had 10,800 eggs to boil for Monday's egg roll -- not to mention finishing up the 25-pound (11.25-kilogram), chocolate sculpture of President George W. Bush (news - web sites)'s Scottish terrier, Barney. White House pastry chef Roland Mesnier, recognizing that Barney is 'a very talented dog,' sculpted the pooch holding a paintbrush and wearing a cowboy hat and glasses. 'He's in the mood for painting,' Mesnier said of the chocolate Barney, which stands beside another of Mesnier's creations, a 45-pound (20.25-kilogram), 4-and-a-half-(1.35 meters) tall, chocolate Easter egg. 'Barney was kind of a challenge because of his features, all the hair and everything,' Mesnier said. In all, it took 20 hours to create the chocolate sculptures. 'And it would take you 20 years to eat it,' he told photographers there to snap pictures of his work.--AP, 3/29/02

Barney Has Real Pull: EPA Director Christie Todd Whitman, referring to her rumored lack of clout in the Bush administration, joked at the annual Gridiron Dinner that she "used to be somebody." "Whitman's remarks sounded to some like a career-ender. 'Ouch,' said a GOP pollster. 'A little bitterness there.' But the White House took it in stride. 'You only make those jokes if you know your position is secure,' said a senior official. The president 'loves' Whitman, he said. 'She gave him his dog, Barney, and he loves that dog.'"--Newsweek, 3/25/02

But We Know the Real Truth: "Sometimes, however, drastic action is necessary. To avoid a cat fight over the safety of White House antiques and fine upholstery, George and Laura Bush gave their free-spirited six-toed feline, Ernie, to a pal in California before moving to Washington for fear he might sharpen his (six) claws on a national heirloom. Current presidential pets India, an already declawed black kitty, as well as dogs Spot and Barney, are reportedly well behaved." --"The Truth About Cats and Dogs," from The Washington Post Home section, 2/27/02

Special Delivery: "The President sent Mrs. Bush some tulips. And Mrs. Bush surprised the President in the middle of a riveting domestic policy briefing, and sent Barney and Spot in, and around Barney's neck was a ribbon that contained a heart-shaped cookie that said "Mr. President" on it. And she sent in a plate of chocolates and cookies, as well, to the President and to the lucky staffers who happened to be meeting with him at the moment. So the two enjoyed a pretty nice little Valentine's gift for each other." --White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, 2/14/02

Still Out of the Loop: "I walk into the Oval Office every morning... Spot, the dog, goes with me. (Laughter.) I don't let Barney go. Got a brand new rug, so he doesn't get to go. (Laughter.)"--President Bush, in a speech in Pittsburgh, 2/5/02

Off Limits: "I wake up every morning, get into the Oval Office -- by the way, it is still an awesome experience to walk in the Oval Office -- (laughter) -- every morning. (Applause.) What an honor it is to walk in there. And even Spot, the dog, is impressed. (Laughter.) Barney's not invited in. The carpet's too new. (Laughter.) Don't tell Barney. I hope he's not watching C-SPAN. (Laughter.)"--President Bush, in a speech in Atlanta, 1/31/02

Early Morning Business: "Every morning I wake up like I did this morning, I get to the Oval Office -- I'm an early morning man. Barney and Spot and I head out to the South Lawn. (Laughter.)" --President Bush, in a speech in Charleston, W.Va., 1/22/02

West Winger: As could be expected, Barney made a big splash on NBC's special, "The Bush White House: Inside the Real West Wing." The short one made a few noteworthy appearances during the hour-long program. He could be seen romping the White House grounds with Spot, nipping at the heels of a news person, and sniffing a microphone and camera lens. Tom Brokaw described Barney as "the mansion's most mischievous resident."--BB, 1/23/02

But He Makes House Calls: You didn't see this part on TV, but the transcript of Tom Brokaw's interview shows the president was disappointed that his two dogs didn't provide him with emergency attention when he fainted during his pretzel-choking incident. "MR. BROKAW: Did you say to Spot and Barney, 'Hey, you’re supposed to come over and lick me and resuscitate me or something?' PRESIDENT BUSH: Yeah, exactly. 'What are you two guys doing sitting there? Where was the Heimlich when I needed you?'"--BB, 1/23/02

Funny Looking Dog: "I hit the deck and woke up, and there was Barney and Spot showing a lot of concern. I didn't realize what happened until I looked in the mirror." "Barney the terrier was looking at me funny."--President Bush, speaking about his brief fainting spell after choking on a pretzel at the White House. Washington Post, New York Times--1/14/02

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