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Fala-FDR Links

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Library & Museum
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the Century (Roosevelt Institute)
  • White House profile
  • The New Deal Network
  • FDR Memorial, Washington, D.C. | FDR Memorial Photo Gallery
  • Making of the FDR Memorial | How Fala statute was made
  • The FDR Wheelchair Statue
  • Home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Hyde Park, N.Y.)
  • The Little White House (Warm Springs, Ga.) | Photo tour
  • FDR's Ties to Georgia
  • Pearl Harbor speech "a date which will live in infamy..." | Audio
  • FDR's Fireside Chats
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal (Extensive FDR Web links)
  • FDR Cartoons
  • FDR: The President for Life (PBS, The American President)
  • Time's FDR profile
  • FDR (Pinewood Intermediate School, Schenectady, N.Y.)

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