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Home of Barney Bush, the White House Scottish Terrier

Barneycam video
Cameraman chases Barney. (White House photo)

Tune in to Barney Cam

The Filming of Barney Cam

Spot and Barney's Pet Sculptures

He's a Riot: "At the end, the Bushes' dog Barney bounded into the room and straight toward the children (attending a reading by the Bushes of 'A Night Before Christmas). Leary he might bite, they scrambled backward to escape, prompting the president to quickly scoop up his dog. 'Well, it sounded like a good idea at the time,' he shrugged. 'Created a near-riot!' With the black, stubbly legged Scottish terrier safely in his lap, the children surged forward at his invitation for a chance to pet the First Dog and cap their White House visit."-- AP, 12/17/02. Video of the encounter (at approx. 7:50 of the tape).

Furrrrocious: President Bush: "This is Barney and he wanted to come for the end of the story. He won't hurt you. I can see what that scared you. He's pretty ferocious-looking when you first look at him."
First Lady Laura Bush: "He's very sweet."
President Bush: "No, he doesn't bite. He's a little guy..."
Mrs. Bush: "He's just two years old."
President Bush: "He wants to be a reindeer for Christmas."
Mrs. Bush: "He came especially to tell you all 'Merry Christmas.'"
President Bush: "It seemed like a good idea at the time. Created a near-riot!"
--BB, 12/17/02

Relatively Speaking: "Indeed, she has an unusual tie to [President Bush], having given him his Scottish terrier, Barney. Barney's mother, uncle and sister still live with the Whitmans in New Jersey. The fact that Barney has the run of the White House amuses Mrs. Whitman's husband, John, who recognizes that as a relatively liberal Republican, Mrs. Whitman is unlikely to be elected to live there herself. 'My husband keeps saying, 'Ha, ha, ha, for all those people who hate the idea, there's a Whitman in the White House,'' she said."-- The New York Times, in a report in which EPA administrator Christie Whitman denies she plans to leave the Bush administration, 12/14/02.

He's in Charge: "I'M SNIFFING a cover-up. At the highest levels. With a low-level camera... My questions go to specifics of 'Barney Cam,' and a long-held (once written) view that these White House dogs know more than they're saying. Or barking... Despite earlier White House claims, for example, Barney's not wearing a tiny camera, or any camera at all. The video was shot by a human techie with a little camera on a pole. Excuse offered? Barney didn't like wearing a camera. Uh-huh. I'm telling you, this dog's in charge... The video ends with a 'happy holidays' greeting from both dogs, not the cat, and an ominous 'to be continued' message. That tells me this isn't over. And Barney Bush is a dog to watch."-- Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Baer, 12/13/02.

Candid Camera: "Mrs. Bush...presented a video of a White House tour shot from the perspective of Barney, whose short legs put him just a few inches off the ground. The video showed Barney as he scurried among the mansion's grand decorations, frolicked in the snow and dueled with the first family's other dog, Spot, for a bone. Barney was supposed to document the inside of the White House with a 'Barney-cam' strapped to his torso. But he refused to move once the lipstick-sized device was attached. So a team chased after him on foot -- sometimes on hands and knees -- with their camera right at Barney's eye level. 'Anything to get the perfect shot,' said Jimmy Orr, who oversaw the project."-- AP, 12/12/02. Someone else tried this at home.

A Sweet Little Visitor: "First lady Laura Bush visited sick children at a hospital Thursday, escorted through the halls by a 13-year-old victim of the Washington sniper attacks. Also in tow: One of the Bushes' dogs, Barney, who brought cheer to bedridden kids and later took them on a videotaped tour of the White House... Mrs. Bush visited with several hospitalized children, including 7-year-old Kyle Wood, his leg in a sling and his bedside decorated with holiday ornaments. 'You want to meet Barney?' she asked Kyle, who nodded yes.'He's a sweet dog. He won't bite.' An aide hoisted the dog to Wood's bedside so he could pet the Scottish terrier."-- AP, 12/12/02.

Video Star: "But the real star of the morning show was clearly Barney, the First Scotty, whose Christmas video premiered to appreciative giggles as the stubby-legged black terrier scampered through the White House, offering a snout-level view of holiday decorations and briefly tussling over a rawhide bone with fellow First Dog, Spot (who lost)."-- The Washington Post, 12/12/02.

SAG Story: "QUESTION: Has Barney joined the Screen Actors Guild, or does he have a union card? MR. FLEISCHER: Barney is a union buster from way back."-- White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, addressing a reporter's question about Barney Cam, 12/12/02.

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