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Home of Barney Bush, the White House Scottish Terrier

Barney Bush
Barney shows off his new home (White House photo)

Barney In The News

Barney's Brief Bio

Born: Sept. 30, 2000, Pontefract Farm, Oldwick, Hunterdon County, N.J.
Offspring of: Coors, Scottie belonging to former New Jersey Gov. Christie Todd Whitman. Yes, Coors was named after the beer!
Temporary name: J.
Color: Black with a white spot on his neck.
Nicknamed: "Caterpillar", by George W., because of the Scottie's long hair
Donated by: Whitman (now President George W. Bush's EPA administrator), December 2000.
Picked by: First Lady Laura Bush, from photos of the litter sent by Whitman.
First meeting: Barney was introduced to Laura and George W. Bush at a Washington hotel Dec. 18, 2000.
Siblings: Spot Fetcher Bush (a Springer Spaniel, daughter of Millie--who belonged to the first President George Bush and Barbara Bush), and two cats: Ernie and India. Spot was born in the White House, March 19, 1989.
Food: Nothing fancy, just dry dog food.
Current hangout: Sleeps in a crate in the upstairs kitchen.
Future hangout: Once housebroken, he may get to sleep in the First Bedroom. (Will Barney get to jump on the bed?)
Close call: Mistaken for a rug, a news photographer stepped on the pup. (Poor Barney!)

Sources: AP, White House, US News & World Report, NY Times

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